Ryan Moore hits out at BHA

Former champion jockey Ryan Moore has hit out at the BHA and called for the reintroduction of the old whip rules in horse racing.

The three time champion was speaking to Racing UK and vented his frustrations saying “In my view these new whip rules won’t work,” Moore said. “Everyone came out and said it was for the good of the sport without really thinking what it meant before everything got out of control.

“It is ruining the sport, Kevin [Darley] has been forced into finding a compromise. The fact is seven [strikes] is too low, but we couldn’t go in and say we need to hit horses more because that doesn’t look good, and that’s supposed to be what this is allabout.

“The jockeys asked for clarity, but I’m not happy with the number [seven], it’s just too low. How can seven be fine, but eight is too much, it doesn’t make sense. You can’t put a number on what is abuse, you could hit a horse once and it could be abuse and you could hit a horse 20 times and it wouldn’t be.

“No-one wants to see horses abused and if a young lad hits a horse unnecessarily, the senior guys will pull him aside and set him straight. We all love horses and would never abuse them.”

Moore also feels that the whole situation is “boring and sad”. He said “They [the changes] are not in the long-term interest of the sport. Hopefully we can see sense and get back to the way things were. I think the old rules were fine and if they want to go back to them but bring in stronger penalties, perhaps that is the way.”

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