FIFA reveal 2014 World Cup kick-off times

FIFA have announced the schedule for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil which will see the latest kick off times in a major tournament.

The lineup for Euro 2012 next summer has not yet been decided but the schedule for the next World Cup has today been announced by the game’s governing body. The schedule sees some games kicking off at 10pm Brazilian time which is 2am our time.

The other big news is that FIFA seemed to go back on their word. They claimed they would solve the problem of teams having to travel long distances in between games. In three years’ time Countries will play each game in a different city which means even longer travel distances, some as long as 2,000 miles.

The group stage games will kick off at four different times- 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and the latest ever time at a major tournament of 10pm. Brazil are four hours behind us, so the late game as mentioned will be kicking off at 2am our time.

However the knockout stages and final will inevitably be more suited to European time with the final being in Rio and kicking off at 4pm local time, 8pm Irish time.

The distances that players and fans may have to travel could be a major concern. For example, one team in Group A will have to play the opening match of the tournament in Sao Paulo, their second match 2,000 miles away in Manaus, and the third in Recife – another three-and-a-half-hour flight away, or a 5,700-kilometres road trip through the Amazon jungle.

FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke said: “The teams will travel around so the host cities will have all the teams, and you can have the best teams, the seeded teams in all the cities.”

The qualifying process for the World Cup 2014 for European countries kicks off next September while some continents have already started their qualification campaigns.

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