Ferguson: We will rival City in finding talent

Manchester United boss says that they will continue to use the club’s succesful scouting network to find more players like the Mexican Javier Hernandez, after the youngster earned a new five year contract this week following an impressive start to his premiership career last year.

Hernandez was somewhat of an unknown quantity outside of Mexico but has scored 22 goals in 33 games since arriving from Primera División side Guadalajara in 2009.

“It’s down to good scouting,” he said in the wake of Sunday’s humiliating 6-1 defeat to rivals Manchester City.

“We’re quite good at these things and we’re doing not bad. There’s a couple of players at the moment we’re looking at who could be the same type as Hernandez, you know, so we do well at that.

“In the modern-day game, it’s obvious where the top players are now because there’s less and less of them.

“If you make a bad buy, sometimes the scouts have done work on it and you’ve maybe only seen them a couple of times, then that responsibility will lie on your shoulders very heavily.

“We’ve made a couple of bad buys ourselves over the years but, in the main, we’ve done alright.”



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