Galway hurling left in limbo

The Galway county board are not expected to name a new manager for quite a while yet it has been revealed.

The Tribesmen are without a manager following John McIntyre’s decision to step down and a candidate was expected to be named at a meeting of the Galway Hurling Board on Monday night, however the board failed to nominate anyone.

County board chairman Joe Byrne said that the county will not be rushed into a decision “he most important thing with this appointment is to get it right,” Byrne said.

“We’re just being very thorough when it comes to selecting the next senior manager. Last Thursday night we called a meeting of delegates which was to take place last night but it was felt that as of yesterday at 12pm, we were not in a position to propose a candidate to delegates.

“We need to get this right and make sure we’ve dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. In that sense it was right to delay the decision. We may be able to call the meeting for next Monday night or indeed sooner but it doesn’t really matter how long it takes, just as long as we get it right.

“One of our candidates is in Australia as well with his club Clarinbridge and to be fair to him, we had to factor that into the equation as well.”


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