Ruby Walsh appeals for common sense in whip debate

Ruby Walsh has tonight once again appealed for common sense to prevail in the ongoing whip issue that is dominating British racing at present.

Walsh, who received a five day ban for striking his mount Edgardo Solo one more than the alloted amount at Aintree last weekend, said on Racing UK tonight that the affair has ‘dampened my enthusiam for racing’

“I don’t think a stage of acceptance will be reached. I think this will escalate and keep going,” Walsh told Racing UK.

“I think the rules are too severe and the penalties are too harsh. The rules were brought in to give racing a better public image but for me all they’ve done is make racing look worse.

“All people are talking about is the whip so they’ve raised the profile of it. I haven’t been in England since Saturday so I don’t know about that (appetite for further action).

“In all walks of life common sense has to prevail so hopefully common sense will come back to the BHA.”

The leading rider also said that his main trainer in England Paul Nicholls and his owners have backed him in choosing which rides he will come over to England for. “I’ve spoken to Paul (Nicholls) and his owners and they are pretty happy to back me in trying to pick and choose my way through this because they want me riding as well.

They don’t want me banned for 10 days and whatever else, I’m the first high-profile jumps jockey but I’m sure by the end of the weekend there’ll be someone in the same boat as me.

“This affair has dampened my enthusiasm for racing. It is now a watered down affair.

“I was watching the racing from Haydock and it looked like watching a schooling race with everyone pushing away with hands and heels. It didn’t look what it used to look like, as competitive or as thrilling.”


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