Wigan defender charged by FA for spitting

Wigan’s Antolin Alcaraz has been charged by the FA for improper conduct during the Latics’ defeat at Wolves.

The central defender appeared to spit at Wolves’ Richard Stearman after a brief altercation towards the end of Sunday’s bottom of the table Premier League clash. TV cameras picked up the misconduct even though the officials didn’t. He will now face an automatic three game ban unless he appeals the decision by 8th November.

It sparked a further altercation with Stearman and his Wolves team mates Jody Craddock and Chritsophe Berra coming involved after witnessing the spitting. The referee calmed things down pretty quickly and praise was heaped on Stearman after the game for the way he acted in response to the spit.

Mick McCarthy told the media after the game that if Alcaraz did spit then it’s unacceptable behaviour “Spitting is taboo if that’s what happened,” he said. “I only had it happen to me once and the player didn’t come too close to me for a long time.”

The Football Association (FA) released the following incident today:

“Wigan Athletic’s Antolin Alcaraz has today been charged by The FA for spitting at an opponent.
“The incident, which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video, relates to his side’s game against Wolverhampton Wanderers.”


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