Uncle Mo retired to Coolmore Stud

Uncle Mo, who finished down the field in the Breeders Cup Classic, has been retired to Coolmore Stud.

In a statement released by the colts owners they revealed that the horse has suffereda reacurrance of an enzymes, gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) related illness. This is the same enzyme that was elevated in the spring, whic knocked Uncle Mo out of the Triple Crown series – and led to the diagnosis of the liver disease, cholangiohepatitis.

His owner Mike Repole said “We don’t want to continue down this road where he’s going to get ill again. The vets did say that the stress and rigors of training could always bring about this elevated GGT.

“The encouraging thing I heard from Dr. Byars today was that this is a nonhereditary disorder,” Repole said. “Now I only hope that Uncle Mo passes his speed, disposition, conformation, and brilliance on to his foals.”

“I’m so fortunate, so blessed, and so lucky to own a horse like Uncle Mo.”

Uncle Mo, who along with Cape Blanco retires to Coolmore Stud for 2012, will be an exciting addition to the roster at their Kentucky base. Manager Dermot Ryan said: “Uncle Mo and Cape Blanco are two very special horses. We’re thrilled to have them both here at Ashford and we hope breeders will avail of the opportunity to come and inspect them during our “Open House” this week.”


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