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St Brigids 2-16 v 1-15 Portlaoise
St Brigids won after extra-time.

20 min and just like that the ref blows it up. St.Brigids move onto the provincial final after an enthralling, epic encounter. You have to feel to Portlaoise as either side could have won it.
20 min GOAL for Brigids. Surely thats it. Philly Ryan gets the credit. Super play from Lorcan McCarthy set up him up.
17 min Unlucky move for Portlaoise. Good play from Fitzgerald to Daly was pulled back by the ref for over carrying.
16 min A point for the Dublin men. They take the lead by one!
14 min A yellow card for John O ‘ Loughlin. Adrian Kelly has come back in for Portlaoise. This could be crucial move as both sets of players are now looking tired, making silly mistakes, concentration is needed.
11 min Patient play from Portlaoise here. They are keeping possession and passing it about quiet confidently.
10 min Absorbing game here. It has everything. But, thankfully hasn’t been a dirty game by any means. The county players fitness is coming to the fore. Barry Cahill is everywhere at the moment. As well as Paddy Andrews.

Now the Guards have been called in front of the the team dugouts. Words must have been exchanged.
Second-half of extra-time begins.

Near the end of the half, Brigids manager Gerry McEntee was knocked over by a Portlaosie player and now the referee and his linesmen are in the centre circle chewing the cud over what happened. I don’t think there was much in it.

10 min Referee blows for half-time in extra-time. Who will win?
9 min Energy levels are impressive. Both teams still going at it hammer and tongs. I feel lucky I’m a neutral otherwise i’d have no finger nails left.
8 min Brigids awarded a free 25 meters out from Portlaoise goal. Mark Cahill levels it all up once again. The ninth time in this game they are level.
7 min Andrews uses his strength and composure to bring it back to one pint.
6 min Colm Parkinson is back in the game for Rogers. maybe this was their ploy all along.
6 min McCormack gives the Portlaoise men a two point lead. Rogers layed it off to him and popped it over the bar.
4 min Fitzgerald fists over a point. could have gone for a goal but elected for a point.
2 min An early effort form Paddy Andrews goes wide as the floodlights are turned on here at Parnell Park.

Extra-time underway


60+ min It’s a free in for the Laois men. Last kick of the game. Barry Fitzgerald pressure kick from 40 meters out, but delivers! its all level.
60+ min Brigids still on the attack. Philly Ryan again hits the post. Can’t be much time left now. Brain McCormack on the attack for Portlaoise.
60+ min And Barry Cahill scores! One point in it now. He ran at the Portlaoise defense and powered a point over the bar.
60+ min Brigids on the attack.
60+ min We are in stoppage time.
60 min McCormack levels the game! Poor defending from Brigids let him in. Extra-time looms here!
56 min Former inter-county player Adian Fitzgerald comes in for Brain Smith for Portlaoise.
55 min Despite all that captain Rogers kicks his first point of the day.
54 min Confusion here at Parnell park from the Portlaoise bench. Who’s coming on and who’s going off seems to be the issue.
51 min Portlaosie are trying to get back into the game but the fluency of their forwards we saw in the first half, just isn’t there now.
50 min Alan Daly gives Brigids a two point lead. It just about curled inside the post. The Dublin side are looking a good bet to take this game.
49 min Mark Cahill’s free gives the Dublin side a one point lead with 10 minutes to play.
48 min Brian Glynn looked like he was going for a goal but decided for a point but missed that as well.
47 min McCarthy misses a 45′ after Cahill had the goal at his mercy. Mental strength is needed now form both sides if they are to win.
46 Andrews answered with a pint of his own. Powerful stuff from the Dublin man.
45 min Brian McCormack kicks a brilliant point. He switched feet at the right time as Cahill bore down on him and kicked it over the bar.
44 min Locan McCarthy levels it all up.
43 min Colm Parkinson has been replace by their injured captain Graham Rogers. Bit of a odd change as Parkinson was playing well and is always a goal threat.
42 min It’s tit-for-tat around the middle of the park here. Brigids are battling hard with Cahill and Andrews. Another points for the Dublin side.
38 min Unbelievably he kicks his third point in a row. The wing-back is on fire and Barry Cahill is moved over to mark him to curb his influence.
37 min Kelly kicks his second point to help Portlaoise take the lead again.
36 min Portlaosie have levelled up. Adrian Kelly kicks a long range free after great work from the Laois forwards.
32 min Colm Freeman replaced by Lorcan McCarthy for Brigids.
31 min An early free for Brigids. Doherty clips it over the bar to re-take the lead.

The seoncd-half begins in earnest as the sun comes out over Dublin.

31 min Doherty levels the game from a free and with that its half-time. What an opening 30 minutes of football. One hell of an exciting game that either side can go on to win. Stay with me here and I’ll bring you the second half as it happens Live from Parnell Park.
30 min Philly Ryan goes for glory again but he should have passed to other better placed players. The young player needs to keep his head.
29 He scores his second. The powerful midfielder is putting his stamp on this game. If Brigids are to win this game this man will be instrumental in their effort.
28 min John O ‘ Loughlin scores a point!
27 min Portlaoise retaining possession very well throughout this half. Brigids are struggling to get their hands on the ball. the Laois men always looking for Parkinson.
26 min Philly Ryan and Ryan mulligan booked for off the ball stuff.
25 min John O ‘ Loughlin in midfield is running everything here. His consistency of winning good ball in the middle of pitch proving fruitful for the Dublin side. Paddy Andres kicks another point for Bridgids.
21 min Yet another free for Portlaoise. Parkinson causing problems for Brigids defense. Callaghan makes no mistake again.
20 min Yellow card for Bridgids player. Free in for Portlaoise to tag on another point here. Paul Callaghan makes no mistake.
17 min Another point for Portlaosie. Parkinsons effort was saveed by ‘Kepper but he made amends and tapped over.This game is really picking up now. Both teams really going for it.
16 min GOAL for Brigids. Paddy Andrews gets the credit. Barry Cahill ran through with ball and struck a fierce shot but it ricocheted to Andrews who pulled in it into the net.
15 min A quick free to Philly Ryan almost saw a goal but the Dublin U-21 player made a hash of it.
13 min Mark Cahill, brother of Barry, kicks a free but the wind takes it wide.
11 min GOAL for Portlaoise. McCormack to Colm Parkinson slots it into the corner.
10 min Hugh Coughan gets Portlaoise point number two. The Tipperary man soloed his way through the defense and tapped it over the bar.
9 min Philly Ryan’s effort clips the upright and wide. Brigids setting up the pace now.
8 min Ken Doherty steps up to take a free for Brigids and slots it over the bar.
6 min congested play in midfield but Brian McCormack equalizes for Portlaosie.
5min Cian Mullin fist over the first point after good work form Paddy Andrews and Barry Cahill who overturned the Portlaosie players.
4 min No score so far for either side.
1min And the game is a foot. Portlaoise are without captian Graham Rogers due to injury before the game. Massive blow for the Laois

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