Leinster Senior & Junior Cup Rugby Draw

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Monday was the day that Leinster Schools rugby circles have been waiting for many months now,indeed some would say since the final last March with defending champions Clongowes Wood drawn against Belvedere College in a very difficult top half of the draw.

Coaches in the province have been putting their charges through their paces in recent weeks hoping that their School can go on and capture the Powerade Leinster Schools Senior Challenge Cup , the province’s Premier trophy for those secondary schools affiliated to the I.R.F.U’s Leinster Branch. The competition was first held in 1887 with Blackrock College as its first winners, a feat they repeated a year later.

The famous Cup has been sponsored in recent years by Powerade and before that by its parent , Coca Cola Company. Over the years the competition has regularly attracted high attendances especially on finals day – the game has usually been on St Patrick’s Day . Crowds of 25,000 present or more have been recorded, especially once the finals moved to Lansdowne Road , or as it is now called the Aviva Stadium.

When the Aviva was undergoing major renovation the final was held at the R.D.S where in 2010-11 season Clongowes Wood College had a magnificent 46-15 to win the trophy for the second successive year . Schools Rugby in Ireland has served the nation well especially over all those years where there was effectively a ban on schools competing in Rugby. Charges of Elitism were regularly made in various quarters inc sections of the media as it was seen that the majority of schools taking part were fee paying. Indeed the records show that only one non-fee paying school has won the Cup – DeLaSalle Churchtown.

Another regular complaint was that there was too much emphasis on rugby and thus putting undue pressure on players. How times have changed!

Blackrock College have won the trophy on no less than 66 occasions since that first year in 1887, next come Belvedere College and Terenure College each with ten wins to their credit.

The competing schools have a history of producing fine rugby players, many of whom go on to play for their provinces and/or Ireland. Players like Denis Hickie, who captained his St. Mary’s College team in 1994, and Gordon D’Arcy have impressive records in the competition. The most international players produced have come from Blackrock College, with players such as Brian O’Driscoll, Victor Costello, Shane Byrne, Bob Casey, Leo Cullen and Luke Fitzgerald. Among the scores of other talented players who have gone through the Leinster schools cup system are (to name but a few), Jonny Sexton, Girvan Dempsey, Mick Hipwell, ,Conor O’Shea ,and the late Barry Bresnihan.

Not all of those who have played in the competition over the years are best known for their Rugby prowess though albeit they made their mark in the competition – Éamon de Valera, James Joyce , Ruairi Quinn, and John O’Shea (founder and CEO of humanitarian organisation GOAL),are but four of those who have thrived in other walks of life. Arguably the two most famous insofar as the rugby is concerned are the aforementioned Brian O’Driscoll and one Sir Anthony Joseph Francis O’Reilly who remained at Belvedere College for an additional year in the hope of winning an elusive Cup medal.

O’Reilly , later moved on to represent Ireland and the Lions with great distinction and subsequently became CEO of the H.J.Heinz Company and owner of Independent News and Media.

In the coming weeks SportsNewsIreland will bring you not only the draw but also regular reports and updates from the competing colleges.

Among the favourites this time round are: Clongowes again, St Michaels and Terenure. Who do you fancy to win this year?

Let us end with the words that that doyen of Rugby writers Edmund Van Esbeck once wrote in the ‘Irish Independent’

“ From the outset, the competitions generated a level of enthusiasm that, not alone has never diminished, but which has grown in fervour through the years.

The young, the not so young and the old come in their thousands to enjoy the unique atmosphere that the schools game embraces.

We have reached that time of year where venues throughout the country reverberate to the chants of hope and encouragement and for the young players, the memories and experience will stay with them as long as memory holds”
Truer words were never spoken.





Roll of Honour:

Year Winners Runners Up
1887 Blackrock College Farra
1888 Blackrock College Rathmines School
1889 Corrig Galway Grammar
1890 Blackrock College Corrig
1891 Rathmines School Wesley College
1892 Corrig Rathmines School
1893 Blackrock College Rathmines School
1894 Blackrock College Corrig
1895 Blackrock College Corrig
1896 Blackrock College Wesley College
1897 Blackrock College High School
1898 Wesley College High School
1899 St. Columba’s College Blackrock College
1900 Blackrock College Corrig
1901 Blackrock College Corrig
1902 Blackrock College St. Andrew’s College
1903 Blackrock College St. Andrew’s College
1904 Blackrock College Mountjoy School
1905 Blackrock College St. Columba’s College
1906 St. Andrew’s College Blackrock College
1907 Blackrock College King’s Hospital
1908 Blackrock College St. Andrew’s College
1909 Blackrock College Mountjoy School
1910 Blackrock College Cistercian College, Roscrea
1911 St. Andrew’s College Mountjoy School
1912 Blackrock College St. Columba’s College
1913 Castleknock College Blackrock College
1914 Mountjoy School Wesley College
1915 Blackrock College High School
1916 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1917 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1918 Blackrock College Mountjoy School
1919 Blackrock College Mountjoy School
1920 Castleknock College Mountjoy School
1921 St. Andrew’s College Blackrock College
1922 St. Andrew’s College Blackrock College
1923 Belvedere College Castleknock College
1924 Belvedere College Castleknock College
1925 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1926 Clongowes Wood Coll Belvedere College
1927 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1928 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1929 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1930 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1931 Castleknock College Belvedere College
1932 Presentation Coll, Bray Newbridge College
1933 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1934 Blackrock College Wesley College
1935 Blackrock College Wesley College
1936 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1937 Castleknock College Mountjoy School
1938 Belvedere College Castleknock College
1939 Blackrock College Newbridge College
1940 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1941 Newbridge College Cistercian College, Roscrea
1942 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1943 Blackrock College St. Mary’s College
1944 Castleknock College Belvedere College
1945 Blackrock College Newbridge College
1946 Belvedere College St. Mary’s College
1947 Castleknock College Blackrock College
1948 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1949 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1950 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1951 Belvedere College King’s Hospital
1952 Terenure College Castleknock College
1953 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1954 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1955 Blackrock College Castleknock College
1956 Blackrock College Terenure College
1957 Blackrock College Terenure College
1958 Terenure College Belvedere College
1959 Castleknock College Newbridge College
1960 Blackrock College Terenure College
1961 St. Mary’s College Castleknock College
1962 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1963 Blackrock College High School
1964 Blackrock College Terenure College
1965 Castleknock College Blackrock College
1966 St. Mary’s College Newbridge College
1967 Blackrock College St. Mary’s College
1968 Belvedere College De La Salle College
1969 St. Mary’s College Terenure College
1970 Newbridge College Blackrock College
1971 Belvedere College Presentation College, Bray
1972 Belvedere College Terenure College
1973 High School Belvedere College
1974 Blackrock College St. Mary’s College
1975 Blackrock College De La Salle College
1976 C.B.C. Monkstown Castleknock College
1977 Blackrock College St. Mary’s College
1978 Clongowes Wood Coll Terenure College
1979 Terenure College Blackrock College
1980 Terenure College Blackrock College
1981 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1982 Blackrock College King’s Hospital
1983 De La Salle College Castleknock College
1984 Terenure College C.B.C. Monkstown
1985 De La Salle College Blackrock College
1986 Blackrock College De La Salle College
1987 Blackrock College Terenure College
1988 Clongowes Wood Coll St. Michael’s College
1989 Blackrock College Belvedere College
1990 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1991 Clongowes Wood Coll St. Michael’s College
1992 Terenure College Belvedere College
1993 Terenure College Clongowes Wood College
1994 St. Mary’s College Clongowes Wood College
1995 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
1996 Blackrock College Newbridge College
1997 Terenure College Clongowes Wood College
1998 Clongowes Wood Coll Terenure College
1999 Blackrock College Cistercian College, Roscrea
2000 Clongowes Wood Coll Terenure College
2001 Terenure College Blackrock College
2002 St. Mary’s College Belvedere College
2003 Terenure College St. Mary’s College
2004 Blackrock College Clongowes Wood College
2005 Belvedere College Blackrock College
2006 Blackrock College St. Michaels’ College
2007 St. Michaels’ College Clongowes Wood College
2008 Belvedere College St.Mary’s College
2009 Blackrock College Terenure College
2010 Clongowes Wood Coll St. Michaels College
2011 Clongowes Wood Coll Cistercian Roscrea


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