Micko slams International Rules series

Mick O’Dwyer has slammed the International Rules Series, saying that the games offer little to either the GAA or the AFL as it currently stands.

The Kerry man admitted that the series with the Australians did have a place at one stage, but feels that it has lost its credibility in recent years.

“The game doesn’t impress me,” O’Dwyer is quoted as saying in Saturday’s Irish Independent.

“I don’t know, it just seems a pity to me that the two associations couldn’t come together, draw up rules and actually play the same game for a whole season. We just seem to be tied up with tradition in every walk of life.

“I mean we have a good game but if the two countries came together and started playing the same rules, then you’d have a meaningful competition. Then you’d have a proper International Rules Series.”

“This year, the Australians only played a handful of the players that won last year in Croke Park. You wonder are they trying to make a joke of the thing. What we have at the moment, let’s be fair, is a Mickey Mouse international.”


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