Connacht lose another Heineken Cup match

Connacht 10 – 14 Gloucester, 1:30pm
Full Time

Burns (penalty 6min)
O’Connor (missed penalty 10min)
Burns (missed penalty 15min)
Burns (penalty 17min)
Burns (missed penalty 21min)
Simpson-Daniel (try 31min)
Burns (missed conversion 32min)
Duffy (try 34min)
O’Connor (conversion 34min)
O’Connor (penalty 44min)
Burns (penalty 72min)

Full Time: Heartbreak for Connacht as Gloucester win’s it. It was an absorbing game, both sides went for it and gave it their all. Indiscipline cost Connacht in the end but they can hold their heads up high after a great defensive performance. Connacht will have to wait for that elusive first win but if they keep up the same level of performances they won’t have to wait too much longer. Full report to follow.
80min We’re at the end now, next time ball goes dead thats it.. Connacht running it..
79min Great work again as they win the penalty, still time to win this..O’Connor with another great kick.
78min Gloucester going through the phases now right on the Connacht 5m line
Update Castres go over the 41 point mark against Northampton.
75min Gloucester with a huge scrum.. nice work so near the end. 5 minutes to go.
74min Forward pass for Connacht hands the incentive to Gloucester – six minutes to go.
72min A first Gloucester score of the 2nd half and its a crucial one.
71min Connacht intercepts the ball but ref calls it back for the penalty
70min Gloucester’s turn to attack now as they cleared their lines and make their way into the home sides half.. a penalty coming their way
68min A little over 10 minutes to go and both sides still going for it. Gloucester win a penalty.. and get another 10m for Duffy questions
67min Great work again by Muldoon, Connacht win the ball and the penalty.. fantastic defensive work.
Update Castre 34 – Northampton 22 good news for Munster, as that’s Northampton pretty much gone now, a 3rd defeat on its way
66min Taps on the back all round as the Gloucester Forwards win a penalty.. Burns kicks to touch
63min despite their being only one score in the second half it been an enthralling game to watch
62min Connacht giving it a real go now.. 18 minutes away from history.. still one point down. A knock on there and Gloucester have a scrum in the Connacht half.
60min Some lovely passing by Connacht.. they eventually win a scrum in the Gloucester half for a knock on. Its a great game.
58min Gloucester have only themselves to blame here really, two penalties / two try chances but wrong decisions being made
57min Simpson-Daniel almost got in for his second try from another chip through – Duffy clears the Connacht lines
56min Two penalties in a row for Gloucester, their forwards turning the screw on Connacht for a change..
54min Good work by Gloucester there in the scrum as they turn it around and win the input for themselves..
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52min Another Connacht scrum..Duffy did well under pressure there to get the ball back
51min But great work by the Connacht forwards again winning the ball .. Connacht scrum
50min Good take in the line out and a massive up and under from O’Connor, Gloucester and Sharples collects,. good work.
48min Hamilton is walking a tightrope here, ref speaks to him again about raising his hands..
47min Murphy clears the ball after a great turnover from Connacht.. great work by the home side.
44min O’Connor makes it a one point game with a penalty.. what a 36 minutes we have in store now
41min Connacht get the second half underway -O’Connor gets us off
Half time Cuppa.. Connacht are now in from 9/2 to evens to win this with @betfair_Ireland..
Half time Its been an entertaining half, Connacht have defended well against the breeze, they haven’t been punished for their penalty count and managed to get back into the game through Duffy’s straight forward try (lovely side step aside). Eric Elwood will be the happier of the two coaches, Connacht 7 – Gloucester 11 half time.
Time added We’re into the time added on now, only a minute of it though as the ref blows it.
40min Ref agrees with me and its no try. Let off though as the kick was great into the corner. Its a 22 to Connacht.
40min Sharples shows his pace to get on the end of a kick to touch down – its gone to the TMO.. looks like its out – no try my call.
40min Late flurry from Gloucester as they look for a score late in the half
39min Normal service restored as Hamilton the go to man for Gloucester wins the line out – Gloucester push forward now
38min a big sigh of relief as Gloucester win the penalty and clear their lines
37min McKeon comes on for Connacht as Naoupu is forced off..
37min Unbelievable, Connacht win the line out from Gloucester.. that wouldn’t have happened 5 minutes ago, Gloucester rattled
37min Crowd are in great voice now and so they should, 4 points down against the breeze.. great work
36min Connacht have the wind in their sails now, lovely kick from McCrea – right down by the flag.. nice.
34min O’Connor makes it a four point game with a straight forward kick
34min TRY for Connacht, Gavin Duffy did so well from the restart.. right back in this
32min Sapolu did well in the build up there getting the pass off in the tackle. Burns missed the conversion, another let off. Connacht need something now
31min Something had to give and Simpson-Daniel gets the first try of the game for Gloucester
31min Simpson-Daniel collects a high pass and is tackled, good work there by Connacht..
31min Gloucester opt for the line and win it. Edging ever closer now, Connacht defending well but under pressure
30min Crowd not happy again as Ref calls a penalty to Gloucester, was ball won illegally? Didn’t think so from here.
29min Gloucester make it seven phases there as they edge closer to the line.. Duffy defending well
28min Gloucester win another line and push on into the Connacht 22
27min Hamilton once again collects the Line out for Gloucester, they are winning the line outs uncontested.
26min Duffy collects the mark, with one foot in his 22.. good play.
25min Olly Morgan catches another straight forward up and under.. thats bread and butter to him, needs to be more on it
24min Another left as O’Connor fails to find the corner, overcooked that and Gloucester clear their lines.. silly.
24min Ref has a chat with Jim Hamilton over raised hands, penalty moved forward 10m
Update: Treviso are 12-0 up on Biarritz.
24min O’Connor kicks to just inside the Gloucester half – a measure of the wind he’s against, he has a big boot on him normally
23min Connacht have the put in to the scrum, in their own half.. scrum twisted around by Gloucester, Connacht penalty
23min Connacht out to 9/2 now with @betfair_Ireland to get the win..
22min Burns hits the post this time, another let off.
21min Burns decides to kick.. its not four to one in the penalty count, Connacht need more discipline
21min Connacht punished for not releasing.. ref quick to blow there. Another Gloucester penalty and given the way Burns is kicking he might fancy this
20min Narraway doing a captains job and winning the Connacht line out.. Connacht need to do better with these
19min Gloucester clear their lines with a big kick, another Connacht line out
18min Once again Gloucester had the initiative back to Connacht from the restart – Line out to Connacht in Gloucester half
16min Simpson-daniel did well there in the build up too.. Burns makes it 6-0 no trouble with that one
16min Burns with a lovely break into the Connacht half and his work is rewarded with a kickable penalty… lovely chance now for the visitors
15min Unlucky there from Burns, he was 4m inside his own half – he had the distance just not the angle.
14min Another Gloucester penalty and its further than the first in fact its in their own half.. Burns feeling confident though
13min untidy scrum and ball squirts out – ref calls it back. Narraway the Gloucester captain pulled up there but he’s ok
12min Scrum to Connacht great work from McCarthy there to win the ball back
12min Morgan collects an up and under with ease, too close to him there form Connacht
11min O’Connor misses that one, he got the height but it was well wide still 3-0 Gloucester
9min Good work from the restart as Connacht pile on the pressure to win a scrum and then a penalty.. good work in the scrum there
7min Home fans felt their was a forward pass before that but ref missed it.. Burns upsets them further with the opening score 3-0
6min First penalty of the day and it goes to Connacht.. Burns from just inside half way
4min Some lovely ball to hand from Connacht – play ends as Duffy’s pass has too much on it for Tonetti , Gloucester scrum
3min Burns clears the Gloucester lines, a lot of pressure on the young fly half.. Connacht line out just inside half way – won well
3min O’Connor kicks for touch, Simpson-Daniel goes to catch but decides against, Gloucester line out in their own 22
2min Connacht break and have numbers out wide.. O’Connor screaming for it.. Gloucester manage to slow it down
2min Glocuester win the first line out of the day, taken well in the air by Lawson.. Connacht turn it over on the breakdown, good work
1min Gloucester get us under way here at the Sportsground
0min Connacht will be hoping to secure their first win in the Heineken cup when the face Gloucester in Galway. The home side are 7/4 with Betfair to get that maiden win

Connacht: Gavin Duffy (capt); Mark McCrea, Kyle Tonetti, Dave McSharry, Tiernan O’Halloran; Niall O’Connor, Frank Murphy; Brett Wilkinson, Ethienne Reynecke, Ronan Loughney; Mike McCarthy, George Naoupu; Dave Gannon, John Muldoon, Ray Ofisa

Replacements: Adrian Flavin, Denis Buckley, Rodney Ah You, Mick Kearney, Eoin McKeon, Paul O’Donohoe, Matthew Jarvis, Fetu’u Vainikolo

Gloucester: Olly Morgan; Charlie Sharples, Henry Trinder, Eliota Fuimaono-Sapolu, James Simpson-Daniel; Freddie Burns, Rory Lawson; Nick Wood, Scott Lawson, Dario Chistolini; Peter Buxton, Jim Hamilton; Brett Deacon, Andy Hazell, Luke Narraway (capt)

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