Cody speaks out on GAA payment issues

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Brian Cody has poured cold water on proposals put forward by the GAA to introduce payments for inter-county managers. Cody said that the association “doesn’t have the means or the potential for anything but to be an amateur organisation”.

In a recent interview with Irish newspaper Gaelscéal, Cody outlined his feelings on the proposal. Cody said that while people give up their time to be involved with their respective club or county, it is a choice that people make rather than a sacrifice.

The legendary Kilkenny manager said, “I would use the word choice instead of sacrifices. This is a choice. I don’t have to do this job. Nobody tells me I have to do this job. I want to do it.

“The giving up your time is a choice of words I don’t think is spot on either because you are not giving up your time. You are out there using your leisure time to do something you love doing. That’s an opportunity that I love to do.”

Cody also feels that the introduction of payments could have a detrimental effect on the association as a whole. “I am happy to do it. Players put themselves forward for selection and they are absolutely willing to buy into inter-county hurling and football and I would certainly would would absolutely hate to see payments come into the game because what we have in the GAA is something terrific”.


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