Bernstein: We’d Prefer a British Manager

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Following the shock resignation of Fabio Capello from the England manager post, FA chairman David Bernstein has stated his preference for an English or British manager.

Speaking in a press conference this afternoon, Bernstein smiled at suggestions that Harry Redknapp would be the preferred choice, but refused to name any candidates.

Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, who recently suffered the ignominy of a court case involving tax evasion allegations, has emerged as the public’s favourite to take over the reins.

“There is a preference for an English, or British person.” said Bernstein in the press conference, who suggested that the language barrier for Capello was, to a degree, an obstacle.

“Any manager we take on will have a detailed knowledge of English players” he said.

However, while Bernstein recognised the popularity of Redknapp, he was keen to stress that the FA would not be pressurised by the public: “We want to make an appointment that excites the fans, but we can’t be driven by that.”

Current England under 21 manager Stuart Pearce will take over the management duties for the upcoming game against Holland and Bernstein praised Pearce’s enthusiasm, and Pearce could be an outside bet to take England to Euro 2012:

“I want to commend Stuart Pearce…I was really impressed with his attitude”, added Bernstein.

Meanwhile, former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton has echoed the desire for a British manager suggesting that Redknapp would be his first choice, while also naming Sunderland’s Irish manager, Martin O’Neill as a possibility.

“It’s about getting the right man, one that the players respect”, said Shilton.


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