The musings of Kerry’s Paul Galvin

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That fine Gaelic Footballer and follower of fashion Paul Galvin was again guest this morning on Setanta’s “iTalkSport”.

Among the topics he covered, in a wide ranging interview with co-hosts Paul Kimmage and Eoin McDevitt were the Kerry Captaincy, Pay for Play, Jack O’Connor and last night’s defeat by Armagh,

Following the retirement of Lar Corbett, how does Galvin, one wondered view life after the GAA?

The balance work and playing, relative to Lar Corbett’s retirement:

“I think that’s a flaw in the GAA. It’s a brilliant organisation and it has given me a lot. But life after the GAA can be very lonely for footballers and you can be very isolated.”

…Players have had to look at alternative employment and careers as a result of the recession. I’ve had to do it myself. I think it’s understandable at this stage if players are feeling the pinch in terms of their work and career.”

Expanding on’ ‘pay-for-play’ :

“Yeah, I think it’s inevitable now. I would preface that by saying it’s not something I want or would look for because at this stage of my career I could never put a monetary value on what I’ve achieved or won and the memories I have. Those memories for me are priceless at this stage. But it’s different for younger guys who are in college, in the middle of a degree and don’t know whether they’re going to get a job out of it…It is inevitable and you can’t say otherwise.”

“I feel that sometimes the GAA are trying to harness what is a natural progression for the game. Who’s to say the founding father back 125 years ago wouldn’t be looking down saying isn’t it great what we have created? Look where we’ve grown – isn’t it great what we’ve become?”

“If there’s a player at home who is devoting himself to GAA. Who is serious about it and prepares himself the right way. Who just wants to make it but has no job. Would five or ten grand a year be better than nothing? Of course it would.”

Kerry’s ‘true’ captain:

“I think Gooch should be our captain. He’s our go-to player. He enjoys it and I think he should be captain. He’s a symbol of our team. I would have no problem if Gooch stayed captain as long as he’s playing. I think he deserves that…for his status in the game and what he means to us. There are some certain cases with players who are a little bit special and he enjoys it anyway.”

On Jack O’Connor (these comment were made relative to a conversation on Declan Kidney’s long relationship with many of the Irish players and the idea of hearing one coaching voice for a prolonged period):

“I don’t think we’ve tired of Jack at all in Kerry at the moment. It depends on the manager’s personality. Jack has always been sensitive to players, reads players well and has always been a guy that I’ve been able to speak, that any of our lads could speak to.

I wouldn’t (look to O’Connor in the week of a game to motivate him). Mentally if you’re a top player you shouldn’t be depending on your coach to comfort you or looking for any advice. From a tactical point of view, obviously you’ll need direction, you’ll need fresh ideas and a vision of a game, which is most important I think. In terms of looking for somebody to hold your hand, I don’t think that’s the way”.

And finally on Kerry’s defeat to Armagh last night ?:

“We were well beaten really and deservedly so. We were quite disappointed with our performance overall, possibly our heads were still in Croke Park. Armagh were really good. The conditions were tough and they dealt with them better than we did. They defended better and they created more so overall they thoroughly deserved to beat us.”

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