Queen Underwood – a great survivor

Tonight in Spokane, the United States hold their Women’s Boxing Olympic Trials, an event which will determine who will represent the United States in the 2012 World Championships in China in May (the only Olympic qualifier) for London 2012. One of those fighting for the right to represent the U.S is one Quinitta Underwood, better known in boxing circles as Queen.
No one will be more interested in who the U.S representative is, of course than Ireland’s Katie Taylor,who almost lost her world crown in that amazing 2012 semi-final in Barbados. Having had an early lead it did look for a few hair raising moments that Underwood would  come back to defeat Taylor though the Wicklow woman did eventually win that final round in the last few seconds.
SportsNewsIreland readers will know all there is to know about Taylor but what of Underwood? What do we know about ‘the Queen’?   Here in Ireland Taylor has had to fight hard to gain recognition first from the IABA and later the Irish media and public but outside the ring she has been fortunate to have a caring , lovely family support in this arguably the toughest of all Olympic sports.Indeed Taylor herself acknowledges that without the care, love and support of her devoted family she would not have achieved all she has achieved todate.  Underwood sadly has not been that fortunate.
For some years now she has hinted of a “dark” past, a past she has not been able to talk about openly but now at last she has spoken and given a detailed account  of the horrors she faced as a teenager (as did her sister). Horrors inflicted not by ‘strangers’ but by her own Father.  Expect to be shocked when you read this honest account of her past as told this weekend to the ‘New York Times’. To fully understand the nightmare she has faced one needs to read the story in its entirety for to just quote extracts would not be right.
Here is the unabridged Underwood ‘horror’ story as told to the New York Times – all six pages of it.
One feels sure that SportsNewsIreland readers will wish Underwood the best of luck in her endeavours to represent her country in the Olympics although we, like Katie Taylor no doubt, will hope  that  Underwood’s luck runs out again in 2012 IF she comes up against the Bray woman either in China or in London 2012.


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