Aviva Get Fit Action Plan

New Year’s resolutions can begin to lose momentum, Enda McNulty, Motivational Coach and Performance Psychologist with the Aviva Get Fit Action Plan explains, “Remaining motivated to keep fit is one of the hardest things to do because it requires discipline and a positive mental attitude.

However, by setting realistic goals and shorter milestones that bring you closer and closer to your goals, it should inspire you to gradually move away from old habits and embrace new healthier ones. Try to ensure your goals are long term and actually mean something to you. For instance, would you like to become an active role model for your kids? If so, stay focused on the end goal and you will bring about positive change in your own life.”

Henry McKean, Newstalk Presenter and Reporter, who has already lost half a stone, is challenging his bad habits and replacing them with better ones as part of the Aviva Get Fit Action Plan, to make sure that he maintains a healthy lifestyle after the six week programme is over.

Follow this link to see Enda McNulty talk to Henry McKean about the importance of motivation:

For further information about the Aviva Get Fit Action Plan visit www.avivahealth.ie or the dedicated Facebook page www.facebook.com/avivaireland.


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