Kildare GAA announce new Championship format

One of the age old problems for GAA clubs is what to do if the club is knocked out in the first round of the County championships.

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One county which has come up with a ‘new’ solution for their County Championships is Kildare .

The new format for the Senior and Intermediate Football for 2012, 2013 and 2014 :

Both championships will have 16 Teams

Round 1 will be an open Draw so there will be 8 matches which will
leave 8 winners and 8 Losers

In Round 2 there will be a Winners Group including the 8 Winners from round 1 in an open draw, 4 winners into the Quarter final, 4 losers into round 3

Losers Group will contain 8 Losers from Round 1 in an open draw, 4 winners will go into round 3, 4 losers into relegation semi-final.

Round 3 will be another open Draw containing the 4 losers from Round 2 (Winners group)
and 4 winners from Round 2 (Losers Group).

The winners of these games into quarter final , the
losers will be out of the championship.

Round 4 will be the quarter final and it will be an open draw .The quarter final will include the 4 winners from round 2 & 4 winners from round 3.

Round 5 is the Semi-Final and it will be an open Draw

Round 6 is the championship Final

The relegation Semi-Final will be an open draw containing the 4 losers from Round 2

The loser of the relegation final will be relegated

Points to note:

If games finish level a replay will be required
All teams are guaranteed 3 games
with this new format all Games are very important and competitive.
The winners of Round 1 will retain their status.
Winners of Round 1 & 2 are awarded with Quarter final place,
Teams in relegation semi-finals will not have won a game


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