Leinster v Scarlets live commentary

Leinster 16 – 13 Scarlets

Mins played: 80 min

Live commentary:

80 mins: FULL TIME Leinster win, with the help of Fergus McFadden’s boot to steal a win. 16-13 the full time score
80 mins: He nails it. Leinster win with the last kick of the game.
80 mins: McFadden to take..
80 mins: Pen to Leinster. A chance to win it at the death
79 mins: Again another pen stops Leinster. Scarlets clear their lines.
79 mins: A charge down almost rolls Leinster’s way. Last chance surely for Leinster/
78 mins: A knockon from Leinster stops them dead in their tracks. Scrum Scarlets
77 mins: Leinster have the ball on Scarlets ten meter line. Time is running out for them to get the winning points
75 mins: McFadden misses the pen. Inches wide
74 mins: Pen to Leinster. They choose to go for goal
73 mins: On Leinster come again. Up to Scarlets 22
71 mins: Scrum taking an age. Three times it has had to be reset
70 mins: Yet again Leinster give away a pen and hand the advantage right back to Scarlets. Poor from the home side.
69 mins: Good phase building from Leinster. On Scarlets 22
67 mins Dominic Ryan makes his comeback coming on with 13 left
64 mins Good kick chase from McFadden comes to nothing.
63 mins: Yet again poor hands stop Leinster. Poor handling has been the Achilles heal for Leinster this evening
62 mins: Leinster are turning up the heat on Scarlets. Deep into their 22
61 mins: But yet again Leinster concede a pen when in control of the ball. Eoin Redden is taken off Issac Boss comes in
59 mins: Nice break from Dave Kearney down Scarlets right as the RDS finds their voice
58 mins: McFadden brings the sides level with a well taken pen. 13-13 at the RDS.
56 mins:Heinke Van Der Merwe comes in for Jack McGrath
55 mins: No mistake. Scarlets nudge in front by three.
54 mins: Scarlets win a pen. Coming in from the side by Leinster. Newton to kick at goal.
53 mins:Jamie Hagan and Sean Cronin both come off. Richardt Strauss and Nathan White both come in
52 mins: Great defence by Dave Kearney. Real desire and hunger to win the ball.
51 mins: They loose possession and Leinster clear their lines.
50 mins: Good play from Scarlets. Deep into Leinster’s 22
49 mins: What a relieving kick from Fionn Carr. He put serious power into that kick. Lineout to the away side on halfway
47 mins: Scarlets continue to come forward. They are met by a stubborn Leinster defence.
46 mins: Unlucky kick over the top from Leinster. Good vision from Carr almost puts Nacewa clean through.
44 mins: Huge carry from Josh Turnball for Scarlets. Well defended by Leinster.
43 mins: Damian Browne came off at half time. Leo Auva’a comes in
42 mins: TRY Leinster. Leinster come out of the blocks with an early try. McFadden dances past the Scarlets defence to score. He knocks over the extras.
41 mins: Madigan gets the second half underway
40 mins: Both sides are back out for the second half
40 mins: HALF TIME Half time here at the RDS. Scarlets, much the better, lead Leinster 10-3
38 mins: Good chance for Scarlets. Ball just skids away from Dan Newton. The away side have been much the better in the first 40
36 mins: Another good attacking chance for Leinster killed by poor handling from McFadden.
35 mins: Lineout to Leinster just outside Scarlets 22
34 mins: Nothing comes from the lineout. Scrum to Leinster on their ten meter line.
33 mins: Leinster give away another pen. Jones opts to kick to corner
32 mins: Sloppy again from Leinster. McFadden with the poor pass this time. The home side are not fully on form thus far.
30 mins: McFadden pulls the pen wide. Poor kick. Scarlets still lead by seven
29 mins: Huge scrum from Leinster. Whipping the Scarlets fully around. Pen off the scrum. McFadden to kick
28 mins: Lineout goes wayward and it’s a scrum Leinster.
27 mins: Good play from McFadden. Getting right in at Scarlets. Lineout to Scarlets on their own 22
26 mins: Great break from Carr almost puts Leinster over, but poor hands gives away possession. Better from Leinster however
24 mins: Big Devin Toner tries to get Leinster going. Very static from the home side at the moment
22 mins: TRY SCARLETS Lovely play from the Scarlets puts Dan Newton in the clear, who races over to score. Jones put the extras over. 10-3 Scarlets
20 mins: Scalets come rocking back at Leinster. Up to Leinster’s 10 meter line
20 mins: NO TRY
19 mins: Leinster look like the have got over. Ref going up to TMO
18 mins: Leinster almost through. Some good defending from the away side keep Leinster out
17 mins: Great turnover from Leinster right on Scarlets 22. They win a scrum for their efforts. Good attacking platform for the home side
16 mins: Both teams kicking aimlessy at the moment
15 mins: Lineout not straight from Leinster. Scrum Scarlets
14 mins: Scarlets, like Leinster, give away a pen for pulling down the ruck. Madigan heads for the corner
13 mins: A lovely catch from Williams. He has been Scarlets best player thus far
12 min: He pulls the pen to the left and wide. Game remains 3-3
11 min: Leinster give away a sloppy pen. Pulling the ruck down. Jones goes for the sticks
10 min: He makes no mistake. Game is level. 3-3
9 min: Great play from Leinster. Scarlets give away a pen and McFadden has the chance to level things up
8 min: A mini game of kickaton going on. Fionn Carr decides enough in enough and makes a huge break
6 min: Jones makes no mistake. 3-0 Scarlets
5 min: Play brought back and a chance for Stephen Jones to give Scarlets an early lead
4 min: Scarlets come right back at Leinster. Liam Williams in particular having a good start
3 min: Forward pass from the Scarlets gives Leinster a scrum in their own 22
2 min: Good attacking platform for the Scarlets. Deep in Leinster’s 22
1 min Nice start from the home side. Kick off well fielded
1 min Scarlets get the game under way
0 min To ‘Welcome to the jungle’ Leinster take the field
0 min: Scarlets have taken to the field
0 min: We are live at a chilly RDS for Leinster v Scarlets. The teams will be taken to the field very shortly.


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