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After a nice week of rest and chilling it’s time to get back to normal training!

Its always a bit hard getting back to a normal week training because the body gets used to going easy and relaxing but the good news is that because I was feeling so good in the race last week and I messed up a bit, I am determined to do what I should have done, get stuck in to training and release some pain….

Monday: Today training was active recovery, a nice 1hour 30min, but not so nice as I started out in the sunshine and after about 20min of riding I started to feel cold so I stopped and put on my rain coat, 10min after it started to rain very heavy and then 10 min later sunshine and so on, then it came to me where does this remind me of ???? O yeah HOME.

Tuesday: From the moment I woke up this morning something didn’t feel right. I felt a bit off and tired, I thought it was maybe because I had pushed myself so hard on Sunday. When I went out training I felt so weak and got a wee dizzy spell. I was meant to be doing hill efforts but that soon changed and I headed home ASAP. I got my lunch and stuff and tried to go for a wee sleep but only got 15min. As the day went on I felt worse, just feeling wiped out, this night was bad my stomach was getting worse and I could hardly keep my eyes open. I went to bed but was woken a few times by running to the toilet and being sick. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong but I think it’s time to go see a doctor.

Wednesday: I was trying to think this morning when was the last time I was threw up and I honestly can’t remember! As the day goes on I am beginning to feel much better, my eating routine is tea and a little bit of toast and walking for fresh air. When I was out for a little walk, I found out that there is a weekly market on in the town every week just like the markets at home full of crap lol. When I say I’m from Ireland everyone of the market men say ahhh ‘’GOOD PRICE FOR YOU’’

Thursday: As soon as I woke up this morning I knew I felt more like me again. Or so I thought. I returned to normal training but I was going like crap, no power in the legs and just couldn’t push. However, its normal after being sick and not eating for a day. The body just needs time to recover, but I should be good for Sunday if all starts going my way.

Friday: I finally got a good spin in today. I was beginning to worry that I was going to start losing some form from all the shorts spins and days doing nothing. I had a good chat with my dad and he said just do what your body is telling you and you will come round, so I did what I was told for a change. When I woke this morning my body was saying to do 3 hours so I set out and at the start I was feeling very bad but by the end of the spin I was going really well. I would say I’m 85% there so the most important thing I have learned from this is, give yourself time, it will all work itself out.

Saturday: Race warm up today. A nice wee short spin with some sprint just to keep them awake then home eat, wash bike, sleep and chill. What a nice wee day.

Sunday Channel-Atlantic: This is the biggest one day race in Brittany so all the big teams were here today. The race was very hilly and had a finishing circuit go 8 k with a 3k climb, with a couple of thousand people on top of it. The race for me was not great. I didn’t have the form I have had the last few weeks but considering the week I have had, with being sick and not much training, it’s pretty normal so a finish was good enough for me. I finished 88th when I did finish I was disappointed. It would have been nice to be up there but it just wasn’t my time. Hopefully it isn’t too far away !


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