Terenure easily beat Gonzaga

Terenure easily beat Gonzaga in the Leinster Senior Cup Rugby and will now play Clongowes Wood

Terenure College 22-8 Gonzaga College SJ , at Donnybrook FT

Live commentary
FT Tim Schmidt made a big impression after coming on as a substitute and Billy Dardis looks like a real star for the future.
70min Full time.
70min Terenure attacking inside the Gonzaga 22. Patrick Thornton knocks it on.
68min Gonzaga win a penalty and have a line out six metres from the Terenure line, Andy May gets a try for Gonzaga. Conor McKeon misses the penalty.
67min Terenure have turned over the ball and Schmidt clears to half way.
65min Crazy play after the whistle was gone by Lawlor and Doyle on the Terenure team, David Doyle is sent to bin.
63min Gonzaga defending inside their own 22.
61min Clearing kicked is blocked down by Terenure, Colin Jones gets over for a try under the posts, O’Neill kicks the conversion.
59min Terenure win a penalty, the have a throw inside the Gonzaga 22. Terenure knock on.
57min Great defensive play by Terenure, ball up to half way.
56min Nearly a try for Gonzaga but Marks and Phelen get pushed over the sideline. Throw Terenure.
55min Scrum Gonzaga fifteen metres from the Terenure try line.
53min Few injuries and substitutions. McKeon kicks Gonzaga up to the Terenure 22.
52min Gonzaga penalty on half way.
51min Stunning conversion by Stephen O’Neill, Terenure lead 15-3.
49min Stunning try on the turn over by Billy Dardis for Terenure.
45min Gonzaga still attacking near the 22.
44min Stunning kick by Conor McKeon up to the Terenure 22.
43min Match delayed for injuries.
42min Tim Schmidt son of the Leinster coach Joe comes onto the Tereunre team.
41min Terenure give away a penalty on the Gonzaga 22, its kicked upto half way.
40min Terenure run the ball out of their own half, Billy Dardis on the break again.
38min Stunning kick from Gonzaga brings play up to the Terenure 22.
37min Stunning break by Summerville, Terenure up to the Gonzaga 22. But they knock on.
36min Terenure get the second half underway.
35min Its half time, going to be a enthralling second half.
34min This time Terenure get penalised for holding on, its been a super defensive display by Gonzaga in the first half.
33min Really good play by Somerville, they looked certain to score but the ball does not come out quick enough, scrum Terenure. Billy Dardis is the star for Terenure breaking the line everytime he gets the ball
32min Once again the kick does not find touch, Terenure back on the Gonzaga 22.
30min Throw for Terenure on the Gonzaga 22, its another crocked throw.
29min The breeze is really favouring Terenure in the first half, the Gonzaga kicks are going no distance.
28min Terenure win a penalty in front of the posts, No mistakes from Stephen O’Neill this time.
24min Terenure on the attack again this time through Billy Dardis, they have a throw on the Gonzaga 22.
21min Terenure win a penalty from the Scrum but once again Stephen O’Neill misses his kick at the posts
20min The final pass is intercepted, Terenure have a scrum on the Gonzaga 22.
19min Terenure inches from the try line.
18min Terenure attacking just outside the Gonzaga 22 and they get a penalty.
15min This time Terenure give away the penalty, No mistakes from Conor McKeon
13min Gonzaga penalised for pushing before the scrum was formed, Terenure attacking on half way.
9min Gonzaga throw on the Terenure 22.
7min Great defending from Terenure, Gonzaga are back to half way.
6min Gonzaga only metres from the Terenure try line.
3min The conversion is missed by Stephen O’Neill.
2min Its a try for Daniel Hynes in the second minute for Terenure
0min match undwerway


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