Glasgow Warriors v Leinster live commentary

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Glasgow 10 – 10 Leinster

Mins played: 80 mins

Live commentary:

80 mins: FULL TIME A fair result on balance. Game finished Glasgow 10 – 10 Leinster
80 mins: Great defence from Glasgow as they steal the ball from Leinster right on the last whistle.
79 mins: Leinster have a chance to snatch it at the death..
78 mins: Leinster clear their lines with a solid scrum
76 mins: Forward pass stops Glasgow. Scrum to Leinster
74 mins: Scrum to Glasgow three meters from the Leinster line.. Match winning chance..
72 mins: Knock on from Nacewa almost costs Leinster.
70 mins: He nails it and we are all tied up here. 10-10
70 mins Into the last 10 here and Leinster have a chance to draw level. Glasgow not releasing
68 mins: Huge maul from Leinster takes them right up the Warriors line but Leinster give away a pen with the line oh so close
66 mins: Leinster coming back into the game, but it’s all static from the away side
63 mins: Nacewa kicks away possession when it would have been better to retain the ball.
62 mins: Pen falls just short for Jackson. Three point game still.
61 mins: Knock on from Leinster on halfway gives the pen to Glasgow
59 mins: Huge defence from Leinster as they turn the ball over.
58 mins: On Glasgow come. On Leinster’s 22 now
57 mins: Huge scrum from Leinster. Whips it fully 360 and win a scrum of their own
56 mins: Isa Nacewa comes back in after his 10 mins in the bin
55 mins: Good defence from the home side. Leinster have their tails up now though
52 mins: TRY LEINSTER Heinke van der Merwe burrows his way over the line to bring Leinster right back into the game. Madigan adds the extras
51 mins: Leinster are almost there..
50 mins: Good play from Leinster. Lineout to Warriors in their 22
49 mins: Jackson is down for the Warriors after been run over by Toner
48 mins: TRY GLASGOW MacArthur gets the score and Nacewa gets a yellow for a dangerous tackle.
47 mins: Glasgow could be over.. Up to the TMO..
45 mins: Just not happening for Leinster at the moment. They need a surge to get going pretty quickly
43 mins: Good start from the home side. Attacking well. But they give away a silly pen when in control on Leinster’s 22
41 mins: Second half just underway. Big Devin Toner has come in for the second 40
40 mins: HALF TIME Glasgow lead after a poor first half by 3-0
40 mins: Ball is lost and Glasgow roar forward. They give away a silly pen and the ref blows for half time
39 mins: Last chance of the half, surely, for Leinster. Ball on halfway
38 mins: Pen attempt from Nacewa just falls shot. Leinster still 3-0 down
36 mins: Solid lineout from Leinster in their own 22. Ref warning Glasgow about late tackles on Madigan
34 mins: Penalty fades just to the right. Score remains 3-0
32 mins: Madigan has a chance to bring the sides level
29 mins: Jackson opens the scoring with a well taken penalty. 3-0 Glasgow
28 mins: Pen to Glasgow off the scrum.
26 mins: Very even game at the moment. Both sides playing well
24 mins: Glasgow nearly over but loose the ball in contact. Scrum to the away side in their 22
22 mins: Good break from Glasgow from deep in their own half. Brown is pinged for a high tackle. Pen to the home side
20 mins: Rain is beginning to team down. Conditions only going to get worse
18 mins: Sloppy lineout from Leinster gives Glasgow possession
17 mins: Leinster give away a silly pen. Dominic Ryan pinged for coming in at the side
15 mins: Scrappy lineout but Glasgow hold it and clear their lines
14 mins: Madigan, again, with another lovely kick brings Leinster into Glasgow’s 22
12 mins: Pen comes to nothing. Even game thus far
11 mins: Pen to the home side this time.They opt to go for the corner
10 mins: Good steal from the home side robs Leinster off the ball. Glasgow clear their lines
9 mins: Good play from Leinster. Just up to Warriors 22
8 mins: Madigan hits the bar with an excellent pen. Unlucky. Game remains level
7 mins: Leinster get a pen on halfway as Glasgow fail to roll away
5 mins: Lovely kick over the Glasgow defence from Ian Madigan brings play deep into the Glasgow half
4 mins: They give away a penalty for offside. Pen to Leinster
3 mins: First break of the games goes to the home side. Deep into Leinster’s 22
2 mins: Scrum comes to nothing. Lineout Glasgow on halfway
1 mins: First scrum of the game goes to Leinster
1 mins: Here we go. Glasgow to get us underway
0 mins:Welcome to our coverage of Glasgow v Leinster. Feel free to join in either here or on Twitter @alan_conway 1


15: Peter Murchie
14: David Lemi
13: Alex Dunbar
12: Troy Nathan
11: Colin Shaw

15: Peter Murchie
14: David Lemi
13: Alex Dunbar
12: Troy Nathan
11: Colin Shaw
10: Ruaridh Jackson
9: Henry Pyrgos

1: Ryan Grant
2: Pat MacArthur
3: Mike Cusack
4: Nick Campbell
5: Tom Ryder
6: Rob Harley CAPTAIN
7: Chris Fusaro
8: Ryan Wilson


16: Dougie Hall
17: Jon Welsh
18: Gordon Reid
19: Rob Verbakel
20: Calum Forrester
21: Scott Wight
22: Federico Aramburu
23: Tommy Seymour


15: Isa Nacewa
14: David Kearney
13: Brendan Macken
12: Colm O’Shea
11: Fionn Carr
10: Ian Madigan
9: Isaac Boss

1: Heinke van der Merwe
2: Richardt Strauss
3: Nathan White
4: Damian Browne
5: Mark Flanagan
6: Dominic Ryan
7: Shane Jennings CAPTAIN
8: Leo Auva’a


16: Aaron Dundon
17: Jack McGrath
18: Jamie Hagan
19: Devin Toner
20: Jordi Murphy
21: John Cooney
22: Eoin O’Malley
23: Andrew Conway

REFEREE: John Lacey (IRFU), ASSISTANT REFEREES: Andrew McMenemy, Graeme Marshall (both SRU), TMO: Jim Yuille (SRU)
9: Henry Pyrgos


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