Gaa match suspensions set to change

The GAA are to introduce a two-year inter-county trial of match-based suspensions from the start of the Championship,providing a proposal is passed at Congress next month.

At present, bans are calculated on a measure of time, with different offences carrying set suspensions ranging from four weeks to 48 weeks.

In some cases, a player may have missed no matches at all if his ban fell within a certain period but that loophole has been closed in recent years, with a mandatory one-match suspension introduced that means the player misses that game irregardless of the time period in question.

However, the time period could now be scrapped in favour of a specified number of matches ban at GAA Congress, with a trial period stipulated to begin in May for all inter-county games for two years at the end of which the same system would also be implemented at club level.

GAA President Christy Cooney said, “We’d like to have our suspensions uniform in the rulebook and not have one for inter-county and another for club.

“It’ll be only for inter-county for a period and then we’ll have a look at the whole club scene because I would prefer consistency on that.”


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