Neil Lennon court case latest

A jury in the trial of two men accused of plotting to murder Neil Lennon have today been shown pictures of the contents of a suspicious package addressed to the Celtic FC manager.

Trevor Muirhead (aged 43) and Neil McKenzie (aged 42) are accused of conspiring to kill Lennon and other high-profile supporters of the club, including Trish Godman MSP and lawyer Paul McBride QC, as well as various people in the premises of Irish Nationalist group Cairde Na Heireann in Glasgow, by sending improvised explosive devices to them.

The pair are alleged to have sent Lennon a package they believed was an improvised explosive device, capable of igniting and exploding and of causing severe injury and death to another person. The jury of 11 women and four men were shown the components: a quantity of a dark resinous substance with two nails embedded in it, a white digital device with a clock face, a black wire which was said to be attached to the seal of the envelope and the resinous substance and a quantity of nails. The court heard that the suspicious package was later found to be a “hoax nail bomb.”


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