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Cadbury Leinster U21 Football Championship quarter-finals
Dublin 2-21 0-04 Laois, Parnell Park FT
Carlow 0-03 0-11 Westmeath, Carlow I.T. Grounds FT
Louth 3-06 1-10 Longford, Haggardstown, Dundalk FT
Offaly 0-08 0-07 Kildare, Gracefield FT
Extra time will be played if sides finish level.

Live commentary updates
8:55pm Louth v Offaly & Westmeath v Dublin in the semi-finals.
8:52pm Three results in, Offaly & Louth hold on to win. Dublin win by 23pts.
8:51pm Deep into injury time and Longford get a goal, only two down now.
8:50pm McCaffrey gets an injury time point for Dublin.
8:49pm Westmeath beat Carlow by 8pts.
8:48pm Longford score again, now only five down but time looks to have run out.
8:47pm Westmeath get their seventh point of the second half, Carlow yet to score.
8:45pm O’Conghaile moves Dublin 22pts up.
8:44pm Longford score four in a row but are still 6pts down.
8:43pm Kildare get back to one downa(Dowling) and Westmeath move seven points up.
8:42pm Hannon doubles the Offaly lead, less than five minutes to play.
8:41pm Seaver gets Dublins second goal of the night.
8:40pm Longford get a score, they have had a horror second half.
8:39pm Another score for Westmeath.
8:37pm Another GOAL for Louth. Woods gets the goal.
8:36pm Fourteen man Kildare get back within a point of Offaly. McGovern scores.
8:35pm Great performance from Westmeath who move 5pts up away to Carlow.
8:34pm Laois get a point through Damien O Connor.
8:33pm Dublin only one off a 20pt lead.
8:32pm Kildare’s Mickey Kelly has been sent off for two yellow cards.
8:31pm Ciaran Kilkenny scores another free, he will be a major loss to the GAA if he moves to the AFL.
8:30pm Jack Smith gets on the score board for Dublin.
8:28pm Westmeath now lead by 4pts.
8:26pm Allen doubles the Offaly lead and Kilkenny gets another score for Dublin.
8:25pm Louth are running riot in the second half, they now lead by 8pts. O’Hanlon with the GOAL
8:24pm Offaly strike back straight away to take the lead through Hannon.
8:23pm Kildare get an equalising score against Offaly. Fogarty from a free.
8:22pm Two quick scores for Louth, they are now three points up but one man down. Moore & Hamiton
8:19pm Dublin get the second underway with another score, its not quite as bad of a beating that Kilkenny got last week but its getting embarrassing for Laois.
8:17pm John Heslin free opens the second half scoring for Westmeath.
8:14pm Second halfs get under way, should be three exciting matches.
8:07pm Louth down to 14 men after Eoin O’Connor receives two yellows, they go in at the break one up.
8:06pm Offaly go at the break one point up.
8:05pm Dublin go in at half time 13pts up, great match from Kilkenny & Ryan.
8:05pm Carlow go in at the break one point down.
8:03pm Feely brings Kildare back within one point.
8:02pm Important scores from Longfrod and Kildare before the break.
8:01pm Dublin now 13pts up and its not even half time.
7:59pm Trevor English gives Westmeath the lead before the half time break.
7:58pm Dublin running riot against Laois, they are now 11pts up.
7:56pm Offaly go three points up through Sullivan.
7:55pm Coming up to the last five minutes of the first half, three of the four games in the balance
7:54pm Kilkenny scores again for Dublin.
7:52pm Louth GOAL, nice come back from the wee county. Willie Woods scores.
7:50pm Louth level things up in Haggardstown.
7:49pm Sweeney leaves Dublin 8pts up.
7:48pm Ben Rogan with the opening score for Louth
7:47pm Laois get their opening score after 17minutes.
7:46pm Carlow and Westmeath share scores.
7:45pm Philly Ryan GOAL for Dublin
7:44pm Kilkenny again for Dublin. Longford double their lead.
7:42pm Sweeney point makes it 4pts to no score to Dublin.
7:40pm Mark Hughes free kick opens the scoring for Offaly.
7:40pm Philly Ryan makes it three nil to Dublin.
7:39pm Another score from Kilkenny for Dublin.
7:38pm Sullivan gets the two opening scores for Offaly. Westmeath take an early lead.
7:35pm Kildare and Offaly share opening points. Hurley from a free for Kildare.
7:33pm Dublin opening the scoring for the evening. Kilkenny from a free.
7:30pm Games get underway, we will have updates on all tonights matches
7:20pm It looks like Dublin should be in for an easy night, but the other three matches could be very tight.
7:02pm Half an hour to kick in the Leinster U21 Football Championship quarter-finals


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