Tipperary unhappy at Munster Secretary’s remarks

Munster Council Secretary, Pat Fitzgerald’s Convention report to delegates in Dungarvan last night again drew the ire of the Tipperary delegation.

Here is what Secretary Fitzgerald’s report said about distribution of grants for centres of excellence and other facilities:

“The phenomenon of Centres of Excellence within Counties is now the main driver in all counties. This began with the purchase of Morris Park by Tipperary in 1995 soon followed by Limerick with the purchase of Mick Neville Park. This Council actively supported our Counties with applications to the National Infrastructural and Safety Committee and the Finance Committee for serious funding toward these facilities in all Counties bar Kerry who did not have such a project at the relevant time. It is disappointing for the Council to see one such County publicly berating this Council for not adding to this funding for their particular centre.

I would remind the Gaels of all counties that there are six counties within this Province and it is the Council responsibility to attempt to spread our funding support as equitably as possible within the limits at our disposal. As it is Tipperary, who have made this issue public, it is important that the record is set straight and so with the help of Leas Runaí Enda Mc Guane we have compiled from official records all monies directly and indirectly distributed to Tipperary for Physical development over the last number of years. I think that any fair minded Tipperary GAA Supporter will recognise that this Council has indeed delivered serious financial support to the Premier County. This can be seen on a separate spread sheet which is contained in appendix 1 directly following this report.”
N.B The term tickets cost figure takes into account money due to the Council.
Also as they are Physical Development Grants only they do not include other grants paid to Tipperary GAA such as Finalists grants etc. Also this does not
include €25,000 provided to the Clubs in Carrick on Suir to restore Davin Park to full GAA ownership

Responding to the comments which had already been widely published – and criticised within Tipperary – Sean Nugent said last night in Dungarvan :
“Some of the secretary’s comments are calculated to embarrass Tipperary for daring to raise their heads above the parapet to highlight the fact that Munster Council has failed to grant aid county grounds or centres of excellence for development since 2007’’.

Are you a Tipperary supporter or indeed from any Munster county? Do YOU think that Tipperary have been hard done by?


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