2011 Europeans moved to Ankara

The European Union Boxing federation (EUBC) has announced the decision to ‘remove’ the 2011 Championships from Bulgaria (who had won the bidding process) and transfer the tournament to Ankara.

There have been a number of incidents which have displeased the EUBC and/or the World AIBA organisations of late.

Who will forget the recent decisions in the recent Strandja Tournament when several leading boxers, including Ireland’s Katie Taylor, Norway’s Ingrid Egner and others, were deemed to have lost to Bulgarian opponents? Hopefully for the sake of boxing adequate procedures will be put in place to avoid the sport being brought into such disrepute again.

The AIBA have recently launched investigations into the 13 AIBA member federations; these are countries under investigation by AIBA Disciplinary Commission and risks suspension of their membership, thus can be prohibited from organising any continental competition.

Taking that into account, the EUBC Executive Committee Bureau had been called by its President Furgoni to consider the possibility to allocate the organization of 2011 European Men’s Championships to Turkey, who had finished second in the original the bidding process.

The Members of EUBC EC Bureau, having taken into consideration the uncertainty of the situation related to AIBA Membership of Bulgaria, took an unanimous decision to allocate the hosting rights of the mentioned above competition to Turkish Boxing Federation.

So the 2011 Championships will now be hosted by the city of Ankara between June 16-26 (16-17 June are arrival days, 26 June – departure day).

You will recall that at the 2010 Championships in Moscow, Ireland claimed five medals:

Paddy Barnes (gold), Darren O’Neill (silver), Ken Egan (bronze), Eric Donovan (bronze) and Tyrone McCullagh (bronze) all finished in podium positions to help Ireland command a second place finish in the medals tables behind Russia.

Some interesting countries on the list of those being ‘investigated’ by the boxing authorities:

The 13 federations are as follows:

a. Bangladesh Amateur Boxing Association;

b. Belgium Royal Boxing Federation;

c. Negara Brunei Darussalam Amateur Boxing Association;

d. Bulgaria Boxing Association;

e. Amateur Boxing Association of England ;

f. Ethiopian Boxing Federation;

g. The Lao Amateur Boxing Federation;

h. Macedonia Boxing Federation;

i. Nepal Boxing Association;

j. Romanian Boxing Federation;

k. Amateur Boxing Association of Thailand;

l. Timor Leste Amateur Boxing Federation; and

m. Ukrainian Boxing Federation.

The investigation will determine to what extent (if any) these federations were involved in attempts to postpone the 2010 AIBA Congress held in Almaty last October.

The alleged violations of the AIBA Disciplinary Rules relate to, among other things, non-respect of the AIBA Statutes, failure to respect AIBA decisions and the disparagement of AIBA’s reputation and interest.

With the Olympic Games coming up let us hope that these investigations will take place quickly so that amateur boxing fans through the world can concentrate on what is most important of all – the boxing and NOT politics.


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