Liverpool’s Suarez NOT to blame for everything

Suarez NOT to blame for flight of errant remote control in Manchester

Whatever one may think of Luis Suarez – and Liverpool and Manchester United fans certainly have opposing views – he can hardly be blamed for the fact that Manchester United fan Graham Trelfa threw his TV remote control at his partner, whilst outraged that Suarez had not shaken Patrice Evra’s hand when the two teams recently met at Old Trafford. He had just been watching ‘News at Ten’ when the incident occurred.

According to the ‘Manchester Evening News’ report of this week’s trial , Trelfa, who had been drinking cider, then grabbed her and hurled her to the floor before storming out. Strangely, Judge Jonathan Taaffe appeared to spend more time condemning Suarez whom he described as “petulant” and “like a spoilt child” though the footballer was not on trial.

In fairness, the Judge, did describe Man Utd fan – and Dad of three – Trelfa , an engineer from Eccles as a “bully” but he still escaped with a “ 12 month community order” and an £85 fine though he had had a 2008 caution for a similar offence ‘on record’. Sentencing him, Judge Taaffe did make it clear Suarez was NOT directly responsible for Trelfa’s ‘bullying’ behaviour.

The Liverpool striker must have been relieved that he was not accused of the crime too!


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