Destiny of Rangers’ players to be revealed

Rangers players are set to discover on Monday March 5th which of them will continue their employment with the club as administrators aim to cut spending by £1million stg a month.  The club – now in it’s 130th year of existence must make drastic cuts to outgoings if it hopes to enjoy a 132nd season.

It is thought that the club’s highest earners; goalkeeper Alan McGregor and captain Steven Davis remain likeliest to be kept on as they are on long-term contracts which would become lucrative should clubs come in to buy the players at the end of the season.

Administrators  continued discussions with Rangers manager (and all-time leading goalscorer) Ally McCoist after his team’s 2-1 defeat by Hearts on Saturday in a bid to find a compromise solution over wage cuts and redundancies, but have set a deadline of Monday for a final decision to be made.  It is believed that at least eight players are set to be made redundant with the gaffer also rumoured to be forgoing his wages until the end of the season.

McCoist has said he will not tell players that they have lost their job, but he will be outside the room to offer support when the players are told (by the administrators):  “I won’t be [in with the players] but I will be waiting outside if and when it happens.  My job is to support and be there, which I will be.   Morale and an inner strength to keep going and be there for each other, to me, is really evident and very strong. That will help us get through this.”


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