Royals’ Joe Sheridan heading Stateside

Meath’s season has taken a hammer blow with news that star forward Joe Sheridan is going to the USA on Monday.

The news comes just hours after the Seneschalstown man scored a controversial goal in the Royals’ one point defeat to Galway at Pearse Stadium.  Sheridan is said to be heading for Boston due to the lack of employment opportunities for him in Ireland.   He is said to have thought long and hard about the decision and hopes to return  to Irish shores when the chance arises.

Over the last eight seasons, Sheridan has been one of the most lethal finishers in inter-county football.   He will however forever be remembered for scoring the winning “goal” in the 2010 Leinster Final which denied Louth what would have been a famous win – and first Leinster crown for over 50 years.  

That game will be remembered as much for the scenes moments later, when Louth supporters saw replays of the “goal” incident, proceeding to enter the field of play and manhandle referee Martin Sugrue when the final whistle blew moments after Sheridan’s “goal” secured a two point win for the Royals.

It is not known how long Sheridan’s stint Stateside is set for but it is thought to be until the end of the year at least.


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