Corcoran Named ‘A’ Team Head Coach

With the Donnybrook Cup just under a week away and with just a few short months until the Amateur 4 Nations Rugby League Ireland (RLI) are proud to announce that senior Ireland international Gerard Corcoran will take over as Head Coach of the Ireland Wolfhound’s ‘A’ squad with immediate effect.

Corcoran has played twelve times at senior level including in all three of last autumn’s International Series test matches and was a member of the 2008 World Cup Squad.

At club level the Offaly born forward has played with Halifax, Sheffield Eagles and most recently Toulouse Olympique.

When speaking about his appointment Corcoran’s passion for rugby league in Ireland was clear “To be asked, and to do the Ireland ‘A’ Coaching Job is a very special moment for me as I’m a very passionate person about my country (Ireland).”

Corcoran also explained how playing with a number of the squad will help him settle in as Head Coach “Having players in the current ‘A’ squad now that I played alongside with last year is great and proves the depth and ability there is in the future. Outside training we are mates and also in training we are too but there are cut off points from being mates and me being coach and them being players, it can have its advantages as they already know the systems and they already tell the other lads what I’m about and what I expect from them so they all turn up ready and switched on”

Gerard Corcoran will be hopeful of a good start to his tenure and with his first test coming on St Patrick’s Day he will get an early opportunity to assess his team in a competitive game.


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