Footballer dies from Cardiac Arrest during match

An Indian footballer has died after collapsing while playing just days after Bolton’s Fabrice Muamba suffered a similar incident during Bolton’s FA Cup clash with Tottenham last weekend.

D. Venkatesh, 27, a midfielder for A division club Bangalore Mars, went on as a substitute in the 73rd minute during a match against the South Western Railway and he collapsed towards the end of the game.

There was no ambulance available at the match and Venkatesh was taken to the Hosmat Hospital on Wednesday in a three-wheel auto-rickshaw, where he was declared dead on arrival. Preliminary reports suggest that Venkatesh died from cardiac arrest.

A distraught R.Dhanraj, Venkatesh’s father, said his son was fine when he left home in the morning and maintained that he had no history of serious illness.

The incident comes only days after Muamba’s collapse and thankfully he is now recovering in hospital after receiving immediate medical attention. The situation has seen Premier League officials reviewing its medical procedures.


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