Leinster v Ospreys live commentary

Leinster 2223 Osperys

Mins played: 79 min

Live commentary:

80 min FULL TIME Leinster loose. narrowly, to the Ospreys 23-23. Match report to follow
79 min Scrum goes against Leinster and that looks to be that. The crowd are not happy one bit.
76 min TRY OSPREYS It looked a very tight call but the TMO gives the try. Bigger nails a dodgy looking conversion
75 min Ospreys could be over here. Ref going to TMO
73 min Ospreys refusing to lie down here. We are in for a cracking last five minutes
70 min Great defence from the home side there forces the turnover. Could be a big moment
69 min Big moment here. Line out to Ospreys deep in Leinster’s 22
67 min Indeed he has. Fionn Carr in for Dave Kearney
65 min Dave Kearney takes after his brother with a great take from the up and under. Looks to have hurt himself in the process
62 min Kick falls inches short. Leinster lead 22-16
61 min Ospreys down to 14. Justin Tipuric binned for, ironically, a tip tackle. McFadden with the kick at goal
60 min McFadden pushes Leinster further ahead. Leinster lead 22-16
59 min It looks like Jamie Hagan. Jack McGrath has come in for him. Hope the big man is ok. Looks nasty
58 min The game has stopped with what looks a serious injury to one of the Leinster players
57 min Brian O’Driscoll has completed his comeback. Eoin O’Malley comes in for the Irish legend
56 min Huge moment there. Leinster looked to have crossed the line but the TMO rules no try
55 min Huge chance for Leinster. Scrum five on the Ospreys line
51 min TRY OSPREYS George Stowers gets Ospreys right back into the game
46 min Huge win there for Leinster. Ospreys were yards from the Leinster line and the home side win a pen. Great defence
45 min He makes no mistake. 19-6 Leinster
44 min McFadden has the chance to extend Leinster’s lead with a straightforward enough penalty
44 min Line out for Leinster on Ospreys 10 meter line
42 min Luke Fitzgerald with the first break of the second half. Well defended from the Ospreys
41 min Both sides are back on the field for the second half
40 min Half time in a cracking game thus far. 16-6 Leinster lead at the break
35 min Ospreys have a quick chance to peg the score back a little. Bigger line the kick up
33 min TRY LEINSTER Leinster get the first try of the game after some quick thinking from Ian Madigan. McFadden adds the extras
30 min Lovely kick from Madigan brings Leinster into the Ospreys 22. Good attacking platform here
29 min Jamie Hagan has come on for Nathan White
28 min Not a penalty that will make Bigger’s highlight reel. Pulls it to the right and wide
27 min Pen to the Ospreys for coming in at the side. Bigger lines up to have a crack up at goal
25 min What a penalty from Fergus McFadden from his own half. Leinster lead by six
24 min Poor there from Luke Fitzgerald. Let the ball bounce and knocked it on. A rare mistake from the home side
23 min What a peach of a kick there. Leinster deep into the Ospreys 22/. The crowd are coming alive
21 min Risky play from Leinster in their own 22. Nacewa puts boot to ball and clears the lines
20 min No mistake this time. Leinster lead 6-3
19 min The home side win a pen off the scrum and McFadden has the chance to give Leinster the lead
18 min Brad Thorn just crashed into two Ospreys players and wins his side a scrum
16 min A knock on from a Leinster up and under gives Leinster a good scrum platform on the 10 meter line of the away side
15 min Another nice half break from Leinster, lead there by Nacewa. They are slowly clicking into gear
13 min McFadden pulls his penalty wide. Poor. Game remains 3-3
12 min Penalty to Leinster and McFadden will go for goal
11 min Good chance for Leinster here. Lineout on Ospreys 22
9 min The hits are flying in here. Knock on from the away side, scrum to Leinster on halfway
7 min Bigger makes no mistake. 3-3 here at the RDS
6 min Good passage of play from the Ospreys. They win a pen right in front of the posts. Should be easy enough
5 min Lovely break from the Ospreys brings them into Leinster’s 22. A cracking opening to the game thus far
3 min Brian O’Driscoll announces himself into the game with a neat step. Scrum to Leinster on halfway
2 min Good play from the Osperys, but great defensive work from Leinster forces the turnover on their 22.
1 min No mistake from McFadden. Leinster lead 3-0
1 min Knock forward from the Ospreys in their own 22. Early pen to Leinster
0 min Both teams have taken to the pitch. The RDS is buzzing. Let’s get the game underway. Leinster to kick off


15: Isa Nacewa
14: David Kearney
13: Brian O’Driscoll
12: Fergus McFadden
11: Luke Fitzgerald
10: Ian Madigan
9: Isaac Boss

1: Heinke van der Merwe
2: Richardt Strauss
3: Nathan White
4: Leo Cullen CAPTAIN
5: Brad Thorn
6: Rhys Ruddock
7: Dominic Ryan
8: Leo Auva’a


16: Sean Cronin
17: Jack McGrath
18: Jamie Hagan
19: Damian Browne
20: Kevin McLaughlin
21: John Cooney
22: Eoin O’Malley
23: Fionn Carr


15: Richard Fussell
14: Hanno Dirksen
13: Andrew Bishop
12: Ashley Beck
11: Eli Walker
10: Dan Biggar
9: Kahn Fotuali’i

1: Paul James
2: Richard Hibbard
3: Aaron Jarvis
4: Ryan Jones
5: Alun Wyn Jones CAPTAIN
6: Tom Smith
7: Justin Tipuric
8: George Stowers


16: Scott Baldwin
17: Ryan Bevington
18: Adam Jones
19: Ian Evans
20: James King
21: Rhys Webb
22: Matthew Morgan
23: Tom Isaacs

REFEREE: Peter Fitzgibbon (IRFU), ASSISTANT REFEREES: Simon McDowell, Olly Hodges (both IRFU), 4th OFFICIAL: Gary Glennon (Leinster Rugby Referees), 5th OFFICIAL: Dan Wallace (Leinster Rugby Referees), TMO: Alan Rogan (IRFU


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