Maradona slates Trapattoni

The former greatest footballer in the world; Diego Maradona has had a stab at Republic of Ireland national team manager Giovanni Trapattoni.

The man who led Argentina to lift the 1986 FIFA World Cup has described Trapattoni as a  “dinosaur of football”  according to a report in an Irish tabloid.  The now 51 year-old Maradona believes that AC Milan deserve credit for appointing the relatively youthful Massimiliano Allegri (44), stating: “Milan had the courage to invest in a young coach in a world which appears increasingly embalmed.  In Italian football it is always the same faces.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone brought back an old timer like Giovanni Trapattoni (73) to pad his pension.”

Having seen Maradona’s roly poly routine (as seen in the video after seeing one of his players miss a goalscoring opportunity), one wonders as to the status of his own credibility.  AC Milan meanwhile take on Barcelona on Wednesday in a Champions League quarter-final first-leg, after Saturday’s 2-1 win over Roma.


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