Crossmaglen hammer a poor Garrycastle

Crossmaglen hammered a poor Garrycastle in the All Ireland Club Football Final Replay Crossmaglen Rangers 2-19 1-07 Garrycastle , Breffni Park, Cavan.

Live commentary
6:20 Arron Kernan finishes the off the match with a nice point from play.
6:20pm Only one minute of injury time has been announced.
6:18pm Oisin McConville has went off to a standing ovation
6;15pm Carragher kicks another score for Crossmaglen.
6:14pm Garrycastle get an easy free, they may as well pop it over.
6:11pm Stephen Kernan point puts Crossmaglen 2-17 to 1-06 up.
6:09pm It looks like Crossmaglen could win this by twenty points
6:08pm Arron Cunningham extends the lead to thirteen points.
6:07pm Arron Kernan with another score for Crossmaglen.
6:05pm Really disappointing replay with Crossmaglen in a different league today.
6:02pm Stunning point from play by Oisin McConville, he really is a class act.
6:01pm Its another score from the Armagh men who now lead by double scores.
6:00pm Hanratty kicks a nice point from play.
6:00pm Easy free brings Garrycastle back to within seven.
5:57pm Stephen Kernan with another point to leave 8pts in it.
5:56pm Kernan kicks Crossmaglens first score of the second half.
5:55min Another score from Garrycastle, this time from a Cosgrove free
5:53min Dessie Dolan gets a yellow card
5:51min Perfect start for Garrycastle Gary Dolan kicks a goal.
5:50pm Second half throws in, lets hope for a Garrycastle comeback
5:36pm Oisin McConville kicks over another free with the last kick of the first half.
5:34pm Gary Dolan brings it back to nine.
5:33pm Oisin McConville leaves Crossmaglen ten points up with scores from play and form a free.
5:32pm Coming up to half time and it looks over as a contest unless the Westmeath men can get a goal very soon.
5:29pm Garrycastle make some changes, but Crossmaglen extend their lead.
5:27pm Another point for Crossmaglen, they now lead by seven.
5:26pm Goal chance for Garrycastle but its wasted by Gary Dolan
5:24pm Garrycastle really need to get the next score
5:21pm Francis Hanratty kicks his second goal of the match
5:20pm Fantastic point from play by Dessie Dolan
5:18pm Tony Kernan leaves Crossmaglen 4pts up with a nice point from play
5;16pm Oisin McConville kicks an easy free wide.
5:15pm Garrycastle have most of the ball but its being wasted
5:13pm Nice point from play by Jamie Clarke for Crossmaglen
5;13pm They play a quick 1-2 and Dessie pops it over the bar.
5:11pm Shocking foul on Dessie Dolan, its a tough angle but he should hit over the free
5:09pm Oisin Mcconville extends the Crossmaglen lead
5:07pm Goal for Crossmaglen from Hanratty
5:06pm Ball goes with after a wild shot from Crossmaglen,
5:04pm Dessie Dolan opens the scoring for Garrycastle with a free from thirty yards
5:03pm Crossmaglen with the first attack
5:01pm National anthems just finishing
4:55pm Match to start in the five minutes


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