Kerry v Cork U21 preview & live score commentary

Wednesday 11 April

Cadbury Munster U21FC final
Kerry 1-14 2-12 Cork, Austin Stack Park AET

Cadbury Ulster U21FC final
Tyrone 0-10 1-10 Cavan, Brewster Park FT

Live score commentary

21:30pm The final whistle has been blown, Cavan are Ulster champions for the second year in row and it was the same scoreline last year. They play Roscommon in the semi-final.

21:29pm Three minutes of injury time, Sludden gets two points for Tyrone.

21:27pm Tyrone need a goal quick.

21:26pm Cork are Munster champions, what a fantastic match.

21:25pm Kerry deserve a draw

21:24pm Another score for Brady for Cavan, Tyrone cant get a run of scores.

21:21pm Tyrone get a free, they are still four down.

21:20pm Kerry free leaves them two down

21:19pm Brady kicks the penalty for Kerry, but Cork get a quick point to keep three up.

21:18pm It might be all over, Kerry have a penalty

21:17pm O’Connor gets Kerry back to five down

21:17pm Barry Reilly kicks Cavan five points up.

21:16pm Awful wide from Tyrone.

21:14pm Tierney restores Cavans four point lead.

21:14pm Point for Tyrone, three in it with fifteen to play.

21:12pm Its half time of extra time in Tralee, Cork score 1-03 to 0-00

21:11pm Jack Brady gives Cavan a four point lead, really nice score.

21:09pm Cavan fouling a lot in the middle of the field trying to slow the match down.

21:08pm Poor wide from Richard Donnelly in Brewster Park.

21:06pm Dillon gives Cavan a three point lead, its the first score from play for them.

21:05pm Two quick scores from Cork, they lead by six.

21:03pm Luke Connelly scores a goal for Cork, they now lead by four points

21:02pm Cavan go two up, its a free again they have yet to score from play.

21:01pm Og Hodnett the Cork captain gives them the lead.

21:00pm Tyrone get back to within one point its a McCurry free.

20:59pm First peroid of extra time starts in Tralee

20:57pm Second half under way in Brewster Park

20:51pm Extra time to be played in Tralee sides finish Kerry 0-11 1-08 Cork.

20:49pm Stunning point for Kerry, the sides are level. Naill O’Shea got the leveller.

20:47pm Free for Kerry by Cox, only one point in it with two minutes to play

20:46pm Five minutes injury time in Tralee.

20:45pm Half time in Brewster Park and Jack Brady give Cavan a two point lead

20:43pm Daly gives Cavan they lead nearing half time.

20:42pm Cork back to two points up after an easy free from Hurley.

20:41pm Tyrone back to within a point, Donnelly again.

20:38pm Kerry’s Shane Carroll scores to leave one point in it in Tralee.

20:37pm Tierney gives Cavan a two point lead.

20:35pm Three minute delay in Tralee, so we will have plenty of injury time.

20:34pm Tierney restores the Cavan lead.

20:32pm Its Connor Cox again, only two in it in Tralee.

20:30pm Cox keeping Kerry in this match with another nice point.

20:29pm Its all level in Brewster Park Harry Og Conlon with a point for Tyrone.

20:29pm Cork go four points up through John O’Rourke

20:27pm Nice point for Tyrone by Daly

20:25pm Hurley kicks a lovely point for Cork.

20:24pm Tierney kicks a Cavan free over the bar.

20:22pm Poor wide from Tyrone.

20:21pm Poor wide from an easy free by Cork.

20:20pm Kerry back within two points, who else but Connor Cox.

20:18pm Easy free for Richard Donnelly hits the post.

20:17pm Tyrone get another score from Darren McCurry, only one in it.

20:16pm We get underway in the second half in Tralee

20:15pm Richard Donnelly gets the first score of the night for Tyrone.

20:13pm Goal for Cavan. Sexton scores it.

20:12pm Its a penalty for Cavan with less than a minute played.

20:11pm Match gets under way in Ulster, about 8,000 in attendance.

20:10pm We are only now getting the National Anthem.

20:07pm Still no start in Brewster Park, very strange for a 8pm throw in.

20:05pm Word around Brewster Park is that the Cavan senior manager could be on the way out, the players have voted no confidence in Val Andrews

20:03pm Easy free from Cox, leaves Kerry three points down at half time

20:01pm We are about to get under way in the Ulster U21 final.

20:00pm Goal form the Cork Captain Og Hodnett

19:59pm Coming up to half time in the Munster Final.

19:58pm Two minute to kick off in Brewster Park.

19:55pm Jamie Wall kicks Cork into the lead.

19:54pm The Tipperary referee is being very fussy, this time Cox misses for Kerry.

19:52pm Some great defending from Kerry.

19:50pm Kerry win a very soft free and Connor Cox makes no mistake.

19:47pm Connor Cox kicks a nice point for Kerry.

19:46pm Brian Hurley kicks a poor wide from a free for Cork

19:45pm Really entertaining start to this match.

19:43pm Kieran Hurley gets Kerrys second point.

19:42pm Connor Cox gets the first score of the evening for Kerry.

19:40pm Stunning start from Cork who lead by four points to no score, they have a slight breeze but look well in control.

19:39pm Brian Hurley kicks the ball between the posts but its cancelled out for steps.

19:36pm Brian Hurley scores from a free, what a start for Cork.

19:35pm Another score from Cork this time Alan Cronin

19:33pm Cork double their lead after less than two minutes, this time its Luke Connelly

19:33pm Cork take the lead after 15 seconds through Brian Hurley

19:32pm We have started, it should be a thriller.

19:23pm Munster final to get under way in the next eight minutes

17:00pm It should be a great night of U21 football in Munster and Ulster

15:00pm Home advantage could be key to the outcome both of tonights matches


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