Guide to a summer of Tag Rugby in Ireland

There are now in excess of 20,000 Tag Rugby players in Ireland, majority of which support either  the IRFU Volkswagen  or the ITRA (Irish Tag Rugby Association)  and depending on which organisation you prefer to link up with  you can play most of the year round. Corporate Tag Rugby is also extremely popular and the events are usually open to both men and women , boys and girls.

The official IRFU Volkswagen Tag season gets under way today at NUIG in Galway when the Connacht Pring League takes off  but you don’t have to  ‘go West’  to enjoy one of Ireland’s fastest growing pastimes.

Adult Tag Rugby was introduced to the UK & Ireland in 2000, by the Irish Tag Rugby Association (ITRA), an organisation still going strong today , when the first Tag Rugby league for 36 teams was launched in Dublin. More than 20,000 adults participate each year  in the sport just now  much of which is played as ‘Beach’ Tag Rugby ,especially in the Summer .

The IRFU Volkswagen organisation   confirms ‘that Volkswagen Tag will be hosted at rugby clubs in each province round Ireland not only for Summer but for Spring and Beach Tag too

There are several  new Spring, Summer and Beach tag venues available to play at this Summer with Volkswagen Tag.  Registration price will vary with NONE above €495 per team’.

The addition of Lansdowne FC, situated right beside the Aviva Stadium, brings Volkswagen Tag Spring League to Dublin.  Lansdowne will also be hosting Summer Leagues . A choice venue with quite the view!

In Belfast, Spring Leagues also debut in Ulster with another great venue being Queen’s University Belfast hosting for the first time.

So where can you watch and participate in this year’s IRFU Volkswagen competitions?  And can you still join ?

The IRFU provides the latest information:


NUI Galway RFC – FULL!


6 weeks starting 11th April

Team Registration (Spring): 250 EUROs

(Registered teams in NUIG Spring League receive

€100 off NUIG Summer League)


Lansdowne FC (beside Aviva Stadium) – FULL!


Starts 18th April, for 6 weeks

€325 per team


Garryowen FC


Starts April 17th, for 6 weeks

(changed from April 10th)

€250 per team


Queen’s University – FULL!


For 6 weeks from 10th April.

Finals night on May 18th.

€200 per team



Galway Corinthians RFC


From 17th May, for 10 weeks

€495 per team

NUI Galway RFC


From 23rd May, for 9 weeks

€475 per team

(€375 if also in Spring League)

Sligo RFC


Runs for 11 weeks from 10th May

€475 per team


Clontarf RFC

Runs for 9 rounds in 8 weeks

Wednesdays 27/6 & 4/7 then

Thursdays from 12/7.

Finals Week: Thurs 16/8 & Fri 17/8

€495 per team

Lansdowne FC (beside Aviva Stadium)


Starts May 30th, for 9 weeks

€495 per team

Naas RFC

Wednesdays (changed from Thursdays)

Starts 30st May, for 9 weeks

‘Try Tag for Free’ Open Night on May 23rd, 7pm

€475 per team

Old Belvedere RFC

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Week starting 9th/10th May

Runs for 9 weeks

€495 per team

St Marys College RFC (Men)


From May 7th, until July 9th

€450 per team

St Marys/Templeogue College

Wednesdays & Thursdays

From May 9th/10th, for 9 weeks

€495 per team

Suttonians RFC


From 10th May, for 9 weeks

€495 per team


Ballincollig RFC


From 15th May, for 9 weeks

€475 per team

Garryowen FC


From 24th May, for 9 weeks

€475 per team

Highfield RFC


From May 17th, for 9 weeks

€475 per team

Waterpark RFC


From May 24th, for 10 weeks

€475 per team


Malone RFC

Wednesdays & Thursdays

From May 9th/10th, for 9 weeks

€400 per team

What of the original Irish Tag Rugby Association?  I.T.R.A?

They have all year round Leagues  with  the summer  season events events at some 35 venues round the country.

Where can you get more information?  Both organisations provide potential players with all the info you need to know about rules, dress codes etc  not just dates and costs of joining the fun. They provide detailed   ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ guides too.

For full programme details of I.T.R.A events , how to join in the fun etc   :        

And for official IRFU Volkswagen?                                                                                      

A word of caution –   any sport, however enjoyable inevitably has its associated risks – and both organisations strongly advise your having personal accident insurance which can be purchased cheaply.  Most good Insurance Brokers can provide you with such cover  at reasonable rates whilst both the IRFU and I.T.R.A should be able to put you in touch with suitable brokers such as AON in Dublin if you have any problems getting cover locally.


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