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Hello again,

Not a long has happened since I last wrote mainly due to the fact I have been recovering from injury.

I travelled to Mulheim an der Ruhr in Germany 3 weeks ago to play German Open but sadly things didn’t go as planned. I have been having some problems with my ankle recently and it flared up in my opening match forcing me to withdraw from the tournament.

I pulled out after losing the 1st set in Germany as my ankle was just too painful and it was not getting better. It is terrible to travel to a tournament like that and then not be able to play.

I made my way to Germany on Monday afternoon and by Wednesday I was back in Copenhagen. I went to my doctor Thursday mid-day and had an injection to get my ankle sorted.

After the injection I rested for 4 days. It was a painful 4 days sitting on the sofa watching TV. After that I began slowly training again with doing upper body weights, technique on court and biking. I have been doing that the last 14 days with the last 4 days slowly doing more and more on court.

Chloe and Sam where also in Germany but results didn’t go as planned. Chloe had a tough draw in ladies singles qualification. She lost in the 1st round of qualification and while she played better in the 2nd set but she left it too late for a comeback. She showed some good signs towards the end of the 2nd set.

Sam and Chloe also lost in the 1st round of mixed after coming up against a very strong pair from Japan. A tough week from us in Germany but life goes on. Next up for Sam and Chloe was All England’s, the most prestigious tournament in badminton. They lost in the 1st round of qualification to a very good pair from Indonesia in the form of Hendra Setiwan & Vita Marissa. Setiwan is rated as one of the best in the men’s doubles category and it was a hard draw for them.

In the ladies Singles, Chloe enjoyed a much better week at the all England’s by beating Switzerland’s number 1 ladies singles Jeanine Cicognini in 3 sets. She then lost in her next match to world number 21 Adrianti Firdasari from Indonesia. It must have been a hard day as she played 2 matches before her 3rd singles. It is always going to be difficult when she plays 2 events but she put up a good fight.

I was due to play this week at Swiss Open but because I had the injection I decided not to play. Instead I used the time to focus on strengthening my ankle and having a good period of training before my last 2 tournaments of the Olympic qualification period. I will travel to Finland in 2 weeks and play Finnish Open and 2 weeks after that will be the European Championships.

Training is going well at the moment. I am working on my technique a lot and also my physical side. I feel strong and fit and I am looking forward to starting next week back at 100% and training again without having any pain in my ankle.


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