Blasé attitude towards Ladies Football hits new level

The Ladies All-Ireland football finals have been deferred and the Blasé attitude towards their sports only appears clearer

IT’S difficult to know where to begin this article, due to my simple anger over the fact that the upcoming All-Ireland ladies football finals have been deferred for a week following last Sunday’s dramatic draw in the All-Ireland senior hurling final.

Few could have predicted that last Sunday’s final would have ended in a pulsating draw, but the fact that the aforementioned ladies football finals have been pushed back from September 30 to October 7 has been massively criticised by many.

Fair enough, it was announced that in the event of a draw, the ladies football association were notified at the start of the GAA annual calendar that their finals would be deferred; however, it comes as scarce consolation to those who have already made plans for September 30.

Last Sunday’s final was the first senior draw since 1959, with thousands of GAA enthusiasts frantically desperate to learn of the replay date. Honestly, I would never have thought that any of the upcoming finals (be it camogie, football or ladies football) would suffer the consequences of Joe Canning’s late free for his Galway side to earn a deserved draw against Kilkenny.

However, yet again a ladies association will have to succumb to the GAA’s plans. Okay, it is difficult to see what other date would suit for both minor (with Tipperary and Dublin also playing out an exciting draw) and senior replays, but one would have assumed that all other final dates would have been safe and indeed unaffected.

Spare a thought for those that have already paid for hotels, flights, buses and more ahead of September 30; what can be done for them? Nothing, which makes this situation even worse.

People seem to have this blasé attitude towards ladies sports, and it’s unbelievably insulting and hurtful. For one that has been involved in both ladies football and camogie with both club and county from a young age, I think it is simply unfair to have the ladies football finals deferred by one week.

Alas, nothing will be done, despite the anger and disappointment felt by so many female sports’ supporters. I have no doubt that the rescheduling of these football finals will have a bearing on attendance figures, with those who have made prior plans perhaps unable to make other plans.

It is just a pity that yet again our ladies associations are affected, but no amount of complaining or moaning will change the fact that the upcoming ladies football finals are now fixed for Sunday, October 7 instead of Sunday, September 30.

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