Cat’s footballers licked once again

There can be little doubt that Kilkenny is the county whose difference in fortunes between their hurling and football teams is starkest.

With a total of 33 All-Ireland Titles; the hurlers get all the glory.  For the footballers however, representing their county is seldom, if ever; glorious.  Every year Kilkenny’s footballers struggle to keep up with the pace.  This seems to be particularly true in 2012 however.

After their Under-21’s suffered a 50 (yes; FIFTY) point defeat a few weeks ago;  last week the seniors lost  9-23 to 0-04  to Fermanagh, who, with all due respect are no world beaters.  In fact, if Fermanagh get to play three matches in the Championship, it’ll probably be as many as they get.

Six days after the Fermanagh fiasco;  the Cat’s footballers once again got creamed;  this time on a scoreline of 1-30 to 0-01 on Shannonside as Limerick ran riot and the visitors were relieved to raise one white flag with 15 minutes to play.

After four thrashings from four run-outs; Kilkenny are of course bottom of the Division Four League table with a points different of  -127;  meaning the Black and Amber are losing each game by an average of over 31 points.  That is a worsening from last year’s average defeat of  -23 points per game.  It’s a farcical situation and surely only a matter of time before the Cats concentrate solely on the small ball.


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