Championship starts now for Dublin’s Keaney

Dublin face a relegation play-off against Galway this weekend and Conal Keaney has stated the importance of the fixture.

“I cannot overestimate how important Sunday’s match is and it is definitely our biggest game since last year’s All-Ireland semi-final against Tipperary,” he told the Irish Independent.

“In some ways, our Championship starts here as it is certain to have those same degrees of appetite and intensity that you would expect to find later in the summer.

“Both teams would rightly consider themselves in the top six within the country so for either side to fall out of Division 1A would be a huge blow, not just for this year’s Championship but for the prolonged development of the teams.”

Keaney says he expects a much improved showing from the Metropolitans, who lost 0-20 to 0-13 on the opening day of the league to the Tribesmen and have not won once all year.

He also stated that both sides feel they are in the top six in the country so  both will be very disappointed if they are relegated and that it would hamper the future progress of either side.


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