Clermont & Ulster into 1/4 finals

Clermont have topped their group, but Ulster have qualified as best runner-up.

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Clermont 19 – 15 Ulster, 3;40pm
Full time

Clermont: Parra 14min (pen), 22min (pen), 49min (pen), 64min (conv), 74min (pen), Paulo 63min (try).
Ulster: Pienaar 18min (pen), 33min (pen), 46min (pen), 71min (pen).

Full time It’s full time at the Stade Marcel Michelin and Clermont are the winners in an extremely close contest. Clermont’s attacking presence in the second half was just too much for Ulster, who valiantly defended but couldn’t stop the decisive try being scored by Ti’i Paulo. Ulster’s knockout stage quarter final will be played away from home.

80min The chance goes a begging as Best’s throw isn’t straight. Scrum to Clermont. Brock James puts the ball out and the ref blows the final whistle.
79min Ulster win a penalty from the scrum and he kicks for the corner. This will be Ulster’s last chance.
78min Lineout to Ulster on Clermont’s 22 and this looks like Ulster’s last chance to score a try. Clermont turn it over however.
77min Clermont retain the ball from a lineout and will look to run down the clock but Brock James’ poor ball handling nearly gifts Ulster possession again.
76min Ulster win the ball from a lineout and Brock James gives away a penalty but the referee overturns the decision for some dissent shown by Johann Muller.
74min Parra gives his team some breathing distance with his kick. 19-15 to Clermont.
73min Clermont are looking for a second try and their quick passing is on display here. Wannenburg gives away a penalty which will surely be three points for Parra in a very kickable position.
72min Lineout to Clermont around the half way line which they win.
71min Pienaar narrows the scores to 16-15 with a successful penalty.
70min Ulster win a penalty and Pienaar will try to reduce the gap with a kick to the posts.
68min The scrum is eventually won by Clermont and Brock James’ kick is too long so the scrum will go to Ulster on the halfway.
66min Scrum to Clermont on the halfway line.
64min Parra converts the try. 16-12 to Clermont.
63min TRY to CLERMONT The crowd goes wild as Ulster’s defence is eventually breached by Ti’i Paulo.
62min Humphries goes off for Paul Marshall. Clermont drive forwards and are just metres from the Ulster tryline. Another big moment for Ulster to try to hold out.
61min Ulster clear but get the possession back as Pienaar’s box kick gains ground for Ulster. Clermont win a penalty however and Brock James kicks to touch.
60min Clermont go over the line but it won’t count as Ferris is illegally held. Things boiling over here as fights break between the two teams. Penalty to Ulster. It was former Leinster player Nathan Hinds who was illegally holding Ferris.
59min Lee Byrne is inches from scoring a try but Ulster’s defence is resilient. Massive opportunity for Clermont here as they keep the pressure on.
58min Clermont react from the kick off straight away and win a scrum inside Ulster’s 22.
57min It’s easy for Pienaar right in front of the posts and Ulster go three ahead, 12-9 to the away team.
56min The referee tries to play advantage after an infringement against Ulster but he can’t and gives the penalty to Ulster. Chance to go for the posts for Pienaar.
55min Ulster are given a penalty to ease the pressure and clear the ball for their own lineout.
54min Lineout to Ulster which goes to Clermont but Best makes amends with an interception. Whitten and Wallace’s attack breaks down and Clermont try to counter.
52min The ball is kicked to full back Lee Byrne who calls his mark and gives the ball straight back to Ulster with a poor kick.
51min Sivivatu nearly intercepts the ball from Ulster but he knocks it on. Scrum to Ulster.
50min Lineout to Ulster around the halfway line.
49min Morgan Parra levels the scores. 9-9.
47min Brock James comes on for Skrela and Clermont mount a fast paced attack, stretching Ulster across the field and eventually give away a penalty. Chance for Clermont to equalise here.
46min Pienaar puts Ulster ahead for the first time in the game. 9-6 to Ulster.
45min Big turnover here as Ulster win a penalty within good kicking distance from the scrum.
44min Ulster win a lineout but are penalised for a knock on. Clermont will have the put in to the scrum.
43min Ulster win a penalty and as a Clermont player was offside in the ruck.
41min Back underway for the second half and Clermont win an early scrum for an Ulster knock on.

Half time It’s half time at the Stade Marcel Michelin and Ulster are showing an impressive account of themselves away from home. Clermont came flying out of the blocks but Ulster slowly got into the game and were unlucky not to have scored a try in the last ten minutes of the half. More of the same will be required in the second half if they hope to contain the French side for the remainder of the game.

40min A rare poor kick from Pienaar but it was difficult as Terblanche nearly scores an unbelievable drop goal from deep within his own half but it falls just short and the referee blows the whistle for half time.
39min The referee gives a penalty to Ulster for a Rougerie infringement and Pienaar will take this chance from a long way out at a difficult angle.
38min Pienaar kicks to touch and Best’s lineout is retained by Ulster.
37min Clermont give away a penalty and that’s good defensive play by Ulster to relieve the pressure.
36min Malzieu breaks away from the pack and is in acres of space but Terblanche makes an extremely important tackle as Clermont keep the attack going.
35min Clermont get the lineout right this time and clear the ball as Terblanche kicks it straight back to the French side.
34min Great kick from Ian Humphries finds touch deep in Clermont territory.
33min Ruan Pienaar kicks the penalty between the posts and levels the score once again.
32min Ulster so close to getting five points on the right touchline as Trimble is nearly in again but they’ll settle for three points from the penalty as Pienaar lines this one up.
31min Another poor lineout from Clermont gives the ball back to Ulster and the away team attack with a brilliant drive from Ferris. Inches from the line here as Clermont’s defence give away a penalty.
30min A grubber kick from Clermont puts Ulster under pressure but Ian Whitten clears his lines.
28min Pienaar’s kick goes just wide.
27min Ulster win a penalty from the scrum and Pienaar will go for the three points from some distance.
26min Clermont have a lineout but give it straight away as Parra’s poor handling gifts Ulster the put in to a scrum.
25min Gilroy just metres from scoring a try but a last ditch tackle catches his foot and the winger is tripped. Ulster keep the ball and try down the other wing but Clermont eventually win a penalty.
24min Ulster turn it over from the lineout and Humphries breaks down the left wing and kicks it over Sivivatu who cynically blocks the out-halfs run. The referee gives nothing however, much to the bemusement of Humphries.
23min Sivivatu tries to break down the right wing again but Paddy Wallace does well to put the ball out and stifle the home team’s attack.
22min Parra makes it look easy and Clermont go three points ahead.
21min We’re still being held up by this scrum as it fails again and the referee gives a penalty to Clermont. Parra will go for the posts, metres outside Ulster’s 22 metre line.
19min Scrum to Ulster in their own half from the restart.
18min Pienaar makes no mistake from the penalty to even the scores. Good response from Ulster after going behind and losing a man.
17min Sivivatu clears the ball with a poor kick and Ulster have a lineout just outside the opposition’s 22. Ulster get a penalty as Muller is adjudged to have been fouled from the lineout as he was in the air.
16min Ulster try to react immediately but they are let down by some rare poor handling by Ruan Pienaar. Scrum to Clermont inside their own 22.
15min Parra scores three points from the penalty.
13min Ulster give away a penalty from the scrum and bad news for Ulster as Dan Tuohy is shown a yellow card for a tackle on Parra. Cynical play from the French scrum half, who ran straight into Tuohy.
12min Ulster win the put in to the scrum.
11min Ulster are penalised for holding on to the ball after it was grounded and their possession comes to an end as Clermont win a lineout.
10min Humphries clears to touch into the Clermont 22. Skrela finds touch again with his clearance. This is better play from Ulster, keeping the home side in their own half.
9min Ulster retain possession from the lineout and try to mount an attack from the halfway line.
8min Ulster have a lineout in Clermont’s 22 metre line and Ulster have the chance to attack but the home side turn it over. Skrela clears the ball eventually.
6min Rougerie is nearly away down the right touchline but Stephen Ferris makes a massive tackle to put the French winger out of play.
5min Ulster under extreme pressure as Clermont look to be behind their lines in numbers but Morgan Parra drops the ball and Ulster get the scrum.
4min Sivivatu nearly opens up Ulster again but he’s tackled and they clear the ball as far as Clermont full back Lee Byrne, who puts the ball into touch.
3min Ulster clear their lines through Humphries and Clermont have the ball on the halfway line.
2min Scrum to Ulster.
1min We’re underway in France and an early scare for Ulster as Clermont open the away team up. The French team are only undone by a forward pass from Rougerie.
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Clermont Auvergne: L Byrne; S Sivivatu, A Rougerie, W Fofana, J Malzieu; D Skrela, M Parra; L Faure, B Kayser, C Ric; J Pierre, N Hines; G Vosloo, J Bardy, J Bonnaire.

Replacements: T Paulo, V Debaty, D Kotze, J Cudmore, A Lapandry, K Senio, B James, R King.

Ulster: S Terblanche; A Trimble, I Whitten, P Wallace, C Gilroy; I Humphreys, R Pienaar; T Court, R Best, J Afoa; J Muller (capt), D Tuohy; S Ferris, C Henry, P Wannenburg.

Replacements: A Kyriacou, C Black, A Macklin, L Stevenson, W Faloon, P Marshall, N Spence, A D’Arcy


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