Cristiano Ronaldo set for Old Trafford return?

Could Cristiano Ronaldo once again be playing at Old Trafford? Well if the stories are to be belived then the flying winger could be tearing down the wing at Od Trafford next year.. for one game only though.

Sadly for Manchester Utd fans there will be no dramatic return of Ronaldo to the Utd red, however it is hoped that he wil make a one night only apperance for Rio Ferdinand’s testimonial.

Rio, 33 yesterday, will complete a decade at Old Trafford next summer and it is understood United’s top brass are keen to plan a year-long series of events and fundraisers with the defender in January.

That includes trying to lure Ronaldo back for an apperance in the testimonial. Everything will hinge however on his Real Madrid schedule and if he will have the time to make the trip back to Manchester.


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