Cunningham: Canning calling Shefflin ‘unsporting’ was praise

Galway hurling manager Anthony Cunningham says that Joe Canning’s reference to Henry Shefflin as ‘unsportsmanlike’ after the All-Ireland final earlier this month was meant as praise.

Canning told the Irish Times that Shefflin running after the referee to dispute a decision was ‘unposrtsmanlike’ but speaking to RTE today Cunningham says, “in the context of the whole interview Joe was actually praising the leadership of Henry Shefflin. The way Henry has led the troops in Kilkenny is something we have talked to our players about.”

“It was probably unfortunate, maybe in a word used, that Joe did not portray the exact scenario that he was trying to explain. It was extremely small and should not have been taken in that way.

“We discussed it briefly and we said that this was praising Henry Shefflin, praising the leadership and the players of Kilkenny.”

The Tribsemen’s manager said that the issue has had no impact on Galway’s preparation for the replay of the final on September 30th.

Cunningham also dispelled any notion of bad blood between him and his Kilkenny counterpart Brian Cody after a touchline spat at the end of the drawn final saying, “There was no malice whatsoever. We were just arguing over was that a free.”

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