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After a very fast week of hard racing and getting the body used to the punishment, it’s always good for me to take an easy week to recover and benefit from the racing. So for me this week is all about rest and recovery. Over the years I have found that if I have a build up of training, where with every week it gets harder and then for the final week its 100%, then one week of easy rides and a day or two off, I find that my form jumps up a few levels.

Monday: last night I had a really bad night’s sleep I’m not sure why but I only got 5 hours sleep. The weeks racing was going over and over my head so I couldn’t settle myself. Today was very very easy training which consisted of going out with one of my French team mates Ronan and riding very slow for 1 hour 30min. My legs were in bits at the start of the spin, but coming near to the end of the session they started to loosen out and felt much better. The rest of the day consisted of me going for a little sleep in the afternoon, then some studying and TV.

Tuesday: today was a day of rest- no cycling! It’s always good to have a day off, the body can recover so much just by talking one day out.

Wednesday: back to normal training today for 3 hours. I can put my hands up and say it has been a very long time since I felt so good on a bike. I was feeling so powerful and so good. I think the last time I felt like this was when I won the national champs in 2009, so today was one of those days where you are thinking of certain races -thinking of going to them and winning.

Thursday: today is the only day this week I have hard training, I can test my legs and see how they have recovered from last week and see if they are any stronger. I had to do two 30 minute stints like a time trial, but the good news was I was feeling good and could them the way they should be done, so it’s all good in the hood

Friday: a nice relaxing spin that’s what was on my program, but there was a hard bit caused by a dog! Cycling along, nice and easy listening to music and I heard this barking. I turned around and there was a BIG dog. I didn’t hang round to make friends, I was gone ‘lol’, but apart from that because this week has been nice and easy. I feel well recovered and ready for the race!

Saturday: a really relaxing day. A short spin this morning, some lunch, a wee sleep, wash my bike and then chill-the highlight of my day. Always good to sit around and rest the legs before a race, ha-ha.

Sunday Route Bretonne: Race day to day and I made a school boy error! I was feeling super, feeling so strong. I was around the front all day and when we hit the hills I got into a break, but we were caught by the bunch again. Then we got to the finishing circuit and this is where things started to go bad. During the race there was so much going on and I wasn’t taking much notice of what I was drinking which is a BIG mistake. As soon as we hit the finishing circuit there was a steep climb and this is where my legs cramped badly. We had six laps to do and they were six laps of pain. I finished 21st, but I know I could have done so much better. You learn from your mistakes and I can tell you I have learnt my lesson today.


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