Decision on Meath v Louth replay – Live updates

Decision on Meath v Louth replay – Live updates

Wednesday 14th July

22:00 update
Press Statement release from the Louth County Board.

Leinster Football Championship Final; An Lú v An Mhí.

In relation to incidents which occurred during and after the LSFC Final on Sun 11th July 2010 the Executive Committee of the Louth County Board have met on a number of occasions to discuss the events of the day and correspondence pertaining to same..

Goalmouth incident at the end of match: The referee has indicated in his report that he blew the whistle for a penalty, but then changed his mind and awarded a goal instead, which is contrary to Playing Rules. We also fail to understand why the referee did not consult with both umpires in relation to the goal being awarded, which is also contrary to guidance given to referees in such contraversal circumstances. In the light of this and the clear admission in the referees report that he “made a terrible mistake”, the referees Report therefore is questionable.
Rule 6.41 Award //facts of game: The award of the game rests with the committee / council in charge acting on the referees report.
We would contend that that the committee / council in charge erred in leaving the matter to Meath County Board to offer a replay, without seeking clarification from the referee in relation to his match report and his statement “he made a terrible mistake”.

Despite the fact that there are several avenues open to us to question the result we believe we have a responsibility to our members & supporters alike to display leadership on this issue and to move forward to the qualifiers. At no stage (contrary to media reports) did we have a legal representative present at any of our deliberations and we would also like to state that at no stage did we consider legal proceedings on the matter..

The sense of injustice which is being felt in Louth GAA is enormous. However, the executive committee of The Louth County Board, the Senior Team Management and players have decided to take no further action regarding the outcome of the Leinster Football Championship Final.

On behalf of Louth GAA we would take this opportunity to congratulate our players and team management on a magnificent performance on Sunday, and wish them every success in the remainder of the championship. We would also take this opportunity to thank our loyal supporters who turned out in their thousands to cheer our team on, and we would encourage them to continue with their loyal support in the remainder of the Championship.

We have already condemned the disgraceful scenes which occurred post match and we would reiterate that there is no place for those individuals within our organisation.

We wish the Meath Players and management every success in their campaign.

Louth have had over the years a long and proud history of promoting the best interests of the GAA and will continue to strive to do so on and off the field of play.

Finally in light of the tragic events which occurred in Donegal over the weekend we realise that we must put our situation in context and we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of those deceased.

18:30pm update
Its all over Louth have decided to not look in the matter any further.
Press release to follow

09:20 update
Louth goalscorer JP Rooney has come out and said he is happy there is not going to be a replay. He told the Irish times “What would we have gained from a replay? It was a lose-lose situation for Louth. If we went out and beat them, it would take away from the actual day that was in it last Sunday and if we lost, we would be in a worse situation. We’ll get the heads down now and you don’t want to be seen as babies, crying about it.

“But we can’t blame Meath, they’ve done nothing wrong. Croke Park should have had a say in this; the Leinster Council or whoever makes the decisions but they were passing the buck and putting the pressure on Meath. They should have made the call.”

Tuesday 13th July
22:10 update
Statement from Coiste na Mi

Coiste na Mi has today received a copy of the referee’s report on Sunday’s Leinster Final, Lu v An Mhi. The referee has indicated in his report that he blew the whistle for a penalty but changed his mind and awarded the goal by Joe Sheridan when he saw that the ball had crossed the line.

Coiste na Mi has also been advised today by Coisde Ceannais na gComortaisi Laighean that, in accordance with Riail 6.41 T.O. and acting on the Referee’s report of the above game…An Mhi are the winners.

Having considered all aspects of the game and subsequent suggestions, as well as the Referees report and the Comhairle Laighean communication, Coiste na Mi, wishes to confirm that, as far as it is concerned, this is the end of the matter.

Coiste na Mi wishes to express its disappointment at the manner in which we and the team have been placed in such an unenviable position over the past 2 days.

S Ó Craobháin (Cyril Crevin – Meath GAA Secretary)

21:50 update
Meath secretary Cyril Cremin speaking to the media

21:45 update
Meath GAA Statement
Coiste na mi wishes to confirm that, as far as it is concerned this is the end of the matter. Full statement to follow

21:29 update
We are expecting a statement in the next 30min

20:25 update
Meeting of the Meath county executive has begun 10mins ago. Statement expected by 9:30pm

19:30 update
Meath football management meeting since 4:30pm at Ardboyne hotel.

18:10 update
It seems that the Louth County Board are seeking Legal advice about the wording of the referees report and if as stated the last score was given in ”error” the final score should read 1-10 to 0-12 and Louth win the Leinster title

16:50 update
Louth Statement
On Tues 13th July, a meeting was held by the Management Committee of the Louth County Board to consider all avenues available in light of events to date in relation to the LSFC Final on Sun 11th July.

We have received a copy of the referees report and have considered the contents and are seeking clarification on it’s contents.

A further statement will be issued as matters evolve.

13:50 update
Meath County board, Players & Management will issue a statement after a meeting at 8pm tonight.

13:00 update
A meeting of the Louth GAA Executive is set to take place this afternoon
Speculation an official appeal against the result of Sunday’s game will be made.

10:15 update
Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Meath players and management have voted not to give Louth a replay because of the treatment they received after the match and back in Meath on Sunday night.

So its left up to the Meath county board to convince them to give a replay but it looks dead in the water now for Louth

Monday 12th July
22:46 update
Louth County Executive Committee had a meeting and reviewed the post match incidents at the LSFC final, Louth v Meath.

On behalf of Louth GAA we wish to condem the unsavoury incidents after the match. We will provide full co-operation with the relevant authorities to deal with the offenders.

We are also seeking a copy of the referees report for clarification purposes to enable the Louth executive committee to consider all options available.

We wish to confirm that no further official statements will be forthcoming on behalf of the Louth County Board on this matter until further notice.

22:31 update
There will no more discussion tonight on the matter at the Meath County board meeting . So all the reporters are leaving. Once we hear anything tomorrow we will have it up on the site

21:52 update
It looks like there is going to be no decision tonight, the wisdom of the Meath county board was not to get a copy of the ref’s report.

So unless they get a copy in the next hour there will be no more discussion on the matter tonight.

21:35 Update
Meath GAA Chairman Barney Allen read the statement issued earlier
today by the GAA in Croke Park to the delegates from 40 plus clubs.

“The management committee no decision made on offering a replay – we want a bit of time in relation to other matters being discussed,” he

“We received no email with a copy of the referees report (from Croke Park).”

There was a query to get a copy of the referees report by Pat O’Neill
from the St Colmcilles club, the club of Meath half-forward Graham

O’Neill added, “We can’t do anything if the referee doesn’t give us the report.”

21:20 Update
The meeting of the Meath County board started at 9:10pm and it should be known in the next couple of hours if the Wee county will get the replay they want after Joe Sheridan’s injury time goal yesterday.

21:05pm Update
The Meath county board executive had a meeting at 7pm that went on until 9:05 and they walked straight into the general county board meeting.

20:47 Update
There is a lot of other business to discuss so it could be 11pm before there is any news. We will have live updates on any breaking stories.

20:30 Update
The vibes around here is that a replay wont be given.


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