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Sets: Djokovic 3 – 1 Tsonga
Games: Djokovic 0 – 0 Tsonga

Djokovic wins an entertaining match 7-6 (7-4), 6-2, 6-7 (9-11), 6-3. The victory means Djokovic qualifies for his first Wimbledon final and the Serb will become the new world number one on Monday. Tsonga showed great self-belief and some quality tennis to keep the match alive, but ultimately, Djokovic’s world-class talent shone through.

SET 4:
Djokovic produces an excellent performance to seal the fourth set. Tsonga’s performance dipped after forcing his way back into the match in the third set. The players produced some terrific tennis and created some fantastic entertainment.

Game 9: Djokovic 6 – 3 Tsonga
Djokovic wins! A powerful serve seals it for the Serb. A hard-earned and deserved victory for Djokovic.

Game 8: Djokovic 5 – 3 Tsonga
Tsonga is still playing well and wins his service game with aplomb. Djokovic plays a nice drop shot at 15-0, but Tsonga reaches the ball at the last moment and plays a quality shot down the line. An impressive lob wins the game for the Frenchman. Djokovic will now serve for the match again.

Game 7: Djokovic 5 – 2 Tsonga
Djokovic is now one game away form victory after an impressive service game.

Game 6: Djokovic 4 – 2 Tsonga
Tsonga holds comfortably.

Game 5: Djokovic 4 – 1 Tsonga
Djokovic holds. Tsonga gains a 0-30 lead on Djokovic’s serve, but the Serb claws it back to 30-30. Djokovic wins a 15 shot rally to lead 40-30 and seals the game with the following point. Important hold for Djokovic.

Game 4: Djokovic 3 – 1 Tsonga
Tsonga gets back on track by holding his serve.

Game 3: Djokovic 3 – 0 Tsonga
Tsonga wins a couple of points, but Djokovic holds again.

Game 2: Djokovic 2 – 0 Tsonga
Djokovic breaks to love. Terrible start to the set for Tsonga after expending so much energy to get back in the match. Tsonga slips to a 0-40 deficit on his own serve after a double fault and a disappointing unforced error. The Frenchman then hits a forehand long.

Game 1: Djokovic 1 – 0 Tsonga
Good service game from Djokovic to open the fourth set.

SET 3:
Tsonga somehow takes the third set, winning 11-9 in the tiebreaker. The Frenchman was down by a break twice in the set, but produced a superb mental effort to recover and ultimately take the set after an entertaining tiebreaker. Djokovic is still the favourite, but the Serb has already let two match points slip through his fingers. Tsonga also broke to love when Djokovic was serving for the match.

Tiebreaker: Tsonga 7 – 6 Djokovic – (11-9)
Tsonga forces the first mini-break to lead 2-0. Djokovic breaks back after a poor Tsonga serve and volley. Superb reactions at the net from Tsonga allow him to take a 3-2 lead. Another powerful point from Tsonga gives the Frenchman another mini-break and a 4-3 lead. Tsonga again decides to serve and volley at 5-3 and again loses the point. A long rally on a Djokovic serve could have been won by either player, but a Tsonga slice shot drifts long. Match point for Djokovic. Tsonga saves the match point with a terrific overhead. An ace gives Tsonga his first set point, but he blasts his return on Djokovic’s slow second serve out. A powerful Djokovic serve gives him another match point, but Tsonga saves it with an ace. A Djokovic return hits the net to give Tsonga his second set point. Djokovic looks to be on the ropes, but Djokovic somehow manages to make a deft drop volley to win the point. Incredible play from both players. A Djokovic shot goes long to give Tsonga his first set point on his own serve. The crowd is on his feet as Tsonga takes the third set!

Game 12: Tsonga 6 – 6 Djokovic
Just when you think it might be over, Tsonga produces an incredible game to break Djokovic. A powerful Tsonga return made it 0-30. Another impressive point from the Frenchman gave him three break points. Djokovic saved the first break point with a good serve, but a powerful Tsonga down-the-line shot sealed another break!

Game 11: Tsonga 5 – 6 Djokovic
Djokovic breaks Tsonga again. Djokovic makes it 15-30 after excellent defensive play. The net then aids the Serb to give Djokovic two break points. Djokovic will now serve for the match.

Game 10: Tsonga 5 – 5 Djokovic
Djokovic holds to love, despite some decent play from Tsonga.

Game 9: Tsonga 5 – 4 Djokovic
Tsonga makes a poor start with a double fault, but responds by bossing the play in the following two points. Another intricate point between the players results in a powerful Tsonga overhead to give the Frenchman a 40-15 lead. An ace seals the game for Tsonga.

Game 8: Tsonga 4 – 4 Djokovic
Tsonga breaks back! The crowd come alive after Tsonga takes a 0-30 lead. Djokovic then misses an easy overhead shot to give Tsonga three break points. Djokovic saves the first break point with a powerful cross court shot, but Tsonga wins after a couple of brilliant shots. Four all in the third set.

Game 7: Tsonga 3 – 4 Djokovic
Tsonga reduces the deficit to one game after an entertaining game. The fans are on their feet after two more exhibition points. Drops shots and deft diving volleys galore on centre court.

Game 6: Tsonga 2 – 4 Djokovic
Djokovic holds. Tsonga takes control of a few points but cannot drive home his advantage.

Game 5: Tsonga 2 – 3 Djokovic
Tsonga holds. The highlight of the game is a beautiful Djokovic return down the line on a Tsonga serve and volley. Impressive game from Tsonga.

Game 4: Tsonga 1 – 3 Djokovic
Djokovic holds to love. Djokovic is striding confidently towards the Wimbledon final. It’s looking like Mission Impossible for Tsonga now.

Game 3: Tsonga 1 – 2 Djokovic
Djokovic breaks Tsonga, with the Frenchman failing to win a point on his serve. The game features another contender for point of the tournament as the players fling themselves across the court at the net. Unfortunately for Tsonga, his final volley drifts just long.

Game 2: Tsonga 1 -1 Djokovic
Djokovic holds easily.

Game 1: Tsonga 1 – 0 Djokovic
Impressive serving game from Tsonga. Badly need hold for the Frenchman.

SET 2:
Djokovic takes the second set 6-2. Tsonga is failing to make an impression on the powerful Djokovic serve, while the Serb’s impressive defensive play is extending points and leading to a number of Tsonga unforced errors. Tsonga recovered from a two set deficit against Federer, but it is hard to envision a similar scenario happening today.

Game 8: Tsonga 2 – 6 Djokovic
Djokovic holds to take a two set lead. A beautifully judged down-the-line shot from Djokovic made it 40-0. The Serb then won the next point to win the second set.

Game 7: Tsonga 2 – 5 Djokovic
Tsonga holds, but Djokovic only needs to hold one of is next two service games to win the second set.

Game 6: Tsonga 1 – 5 Djokovic
Djokovic hits a second serve ace to take a 30-30 lead, but two poor shots from the Serb leaves the score at 30-30. Two quality points from Djokovic help him take a 5-1 lead. Djokovic in complete control.

Game 5: Tsonga 1 – 4 Djokovic
Djokovic breaks again. Another erratic game from Tsonga. Some excellent, hard-fought points followed by poor unforced errors. Tsonga manages to take a 40-30 lead, but three poor shots lead to a Djokovic’s second break of the set. Tsonga is in serious trouble.

Game 4: Tsonga 1 – 3 Djokovic
Djokovic impressively holds again. Tsonga is struggling to make any inroads on Djokovic’s serve. Djokovic has won 85% of his first serve points.

Game 3: Tsonga 1 – 2 Djokovic
Impressive Tsonga serving game as he holds to love.

Game 2: Tsonga 0 – 2 Djokovic
Djokovic holds comfortably.

Game 1: Tsonga 0 – 1 Djokovic
Djokovic breaks Tsonga. Tsonga misses an easy volley at 30-30 to give Djokovic an early break point. The Frenchman then hits a forehand shot long to give Djokovic an early advantage in the second set.

SET 1:
Djokovic takes the first set after a tiebreaker. Tsonga started well, but his first serve percentage has dipped and he is starting to hit an increasing number of unforced errors. Djokovic has defended brilliantly and served with aplomb.

Tiebreaker: Djokovic 7 -6 Tsonga – (7-4)
Djokovic earned the first mini-break after a long rally to make the score 4-2. An unforced error from Tsonga gave Djokovic a 6-3 lead and three set points. Tsonga saved the first set point with a nice volley at the net. The Frenchman, however, missed an easy volley on the following point to give Djokovic the first set.

Game 12: Djokovic 6 -6 Tsonga
Tsonga holds to brings the set to a tie breaker. Tsonga’s ground strokes are powerful, but Djokovic is defending brilliantly and is extending points by numerous shots.

Game 11: Djokovic 6 – 5 Tsonga
Djokovic loses the first point, but excellent defensive play allows the Serb to recover to 15-15. An exquisite volley allows Djokovic to hold and take the lead in the set for the first time.

Game 10: Djokovic 5 – 5 Tsonga
Djokovic again moves into a 0-30 lead. This time a Tsonga unforced error allows Djokovic to take 0-40 lead and three break points. Frustration for Djokovic, however, as a superb point from Tsonga, an ace and a powerful serve saves all three break points. Tsonga makes a big mistake and he hits an ill-timed double fault. An unforced error from Tsonga gifts Djokovic the break and the players are level at five games all. Only the fifth time Tsonga has been broken during Wimbledon 2011.

Game 9: Djokovic 4 – 5 Tsonga
Another comfortable hold for Djokovic. Tsonga has created very little on Djokovic’s serve since breaking him in the first game.

Game 8: Djokovic 3 – 5 Tsonga
Djokovic wins a 14 shot rally and won a point at the net to take an early 0-30 lead. An unforced error from Tsonga made it 15-40. Djokovic could not take advantage of his two break points, however. Djokovic missed an easy forehand winner with Tsonga in No Man’s Land at 15-40, while a Tsonga ace brought the score back to 40-40. Tsonga served out impressively. Tsonga has still only been broken four times during the whole tournament. Big opportunity missed for Djokovic.

Game 7: Djokovic 3 – 4 Tsonga
Djokovic holds easily.

Game 6: Djokovic 2 – 4 Tsonga
Tsonga holds again. Djokovic produced a terrific shot to make the score 30-30, but Tsonga replied with a feroicious shot to make it 40-30. Tsonga sealed the game with an incredible point. A Tsonga drop shot was hit cross court by Djokovic. Tsonga dived and managed to return the ball, before Djokovic flung himself across the court and follwed suit. Tsonga managed to clamber to his feet and volley the ball to claim a 4-2 lead. One of the points of the tournament.

Game 5: Djokovic 2 – 3 Tsonga
Another impressive hold from Djokovic. Tsonga produced powerful ground strokes on a couple of occasions, but Djokovic merely used the pace to direct the ball into the open court and win the points.

Game 4: Djokovic 1 – 3 Tsonga
Tsonga continues his good start by holding his serve comfortably.

Game 3: Djokovic 1 – 2 Tsonga
Djokovic produces an impressive serving game to cut the deficit to one game.

Game 2: Djokovic 0-2 Tsonga
Tsonga serves two aces on the way to a 40-15 lead, but a double fault brings the score back to deuce. Djokovic forced a break point, but it was saved after a quality down the line shot from Tsonga. Tsonga ultimately holds his serve.

Game 1: Djokovic 0 – 1 Tsonga
Great start from Tsonga as he breaks Djokovic in the first game. Both players play some impressive shots, but Djokovic misses an easy volley to win the game. An excellent point from Tsonga earns him the first break point of the day. Tsonga breaks after a Djokovic forehand goes long.

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