Donegal fans violently attack RTE GAA pundit

Its one of the worst ever instances of violence in GAA, RTE pundit Pat Spillane has been assaulted by Donegal fans.

Spillane was said to be left “shaken” after receiving many belts from the Dongeal fans on Clonliffe Road after the All-Ireland semi-final against Cork two weeks ago.

The GAA has had a problems with crowd trouble, but this is a new low.

“There must have been 10,000 Donegal supporters on the road and there was a lot of shouting and screeching, but most of it was good humoured and I just kept my head down and carried on,” Mr Spillane told the Irish Independent.

“But then a flag was thrown in front of me and I got a couple of belts to the stomach. I can tell you I was glad to get out of Dublin that day.

“I’m used to it in one sense — getting a lot abuse.

“But in this case when it was a gang coming against you, mob mentality took over, fuelled by drink, and a few headcases in the crowd.”

“You do get a lot of roaring and screeching but nothing like this has ever happened before, but it could have been a lot worse,” he added.

Mr Spillane has not reported the incident to the Guards which is very surprising, but hopefully the GAA will sanction Donegal GAA with their chairman PJ McGowan apologising to Mr Spillane “I’m really shocked to hear of the assault and I want to condemn it in the strongest possible way and I want to apologise to Pat on behalf of the decent and genuine Donegal supporters.”

Hopefully Mr Spillane decides to contact the Garda and they find the fans who were involved.

If anyone was on clonliffe road on the day of the incident can you please contact us on

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