Eamon Fennell wins appeal

Dublin footballer Eamon Fennell won his appeal at tonights county management committee and will now be allowed to leave the O’Tooles club and join St Vincents.

The verdict is the culmination of a long running battle by Fennell to transfer from his previous club to Vincents. The player made his latest appeal to the county’s management committee last Thursday and received the news late tonight that his wishes had been granted.

Last year the issue was dealt with by the county board when a split vote meant his fate was decided by the casting vote of then Dublin chairman Gerry Harrington. Fennell then took a case all the way to the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA), which decided that proper procedures weren’t followed in Dublin. The DRA referred it back to Dublin but when a second vote was taken it was a massive victory for O’Tooles. It was this latter decision that Fennell was appealing.

During the process, Fennell had refused to play for O’Tooles but Dublin manager Pat Gilroy continued to select the player. However, the footballer and management both realised and acknowledged that it would difficult for Fennell to continue to operate at inter county level if he was not playing regular club football.


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