GAA Cut Ticket Prices

The GAA has announced that it is to cut the cost of attending games, with a 13.3pc drop in the admission prices for this seasons league matches.

From next month the cost of attending a league game in the first and second divisions of the football league and first division of the hurling will fall from €15 to €13. It will now cost €10 to attend Division 3 and Division 4 NFL games and just €5 to view hurling games below the top division.

These new figures were announced at Saturday’s Central Council meeting, which also heard Croke Park financial Tom Ryan say that their was a need for further belt-tightening within the organisation.

The latter explained that revenues were expected to be down on 2010 figures, which actually saw crowds increase for the second successive year.

Gate receipts dropped in 2009 by almost €1m and this figure is expected to fall further when figures are released in March. However revenues held up well from the €68m figure for 2009 reported last March.

The governing body will also undergo a consultation process with provincial councils over the next three weeks to determine what further cuts they can make in relation to ticket prices.


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