HRI announce new foal levy bands and rates

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) today announced new Foal Levy bands and rates which will apply for all foal registrations in 2012.

Following a consultation process with industry bodies, representatives and individual breeders, the HRI Board approved changes which were recommended by the Foal Levy Committee (comprising nominees from the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders Association, the Irish Farmers Association and Horse Racing Ireland) and these have now been sanctioned by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine for implementation.

The changes see an increase in the number of Foal Levy bands from 6 to 11, which will bring greater clarity in the amount of levy payable by breeders having regard to the applicable covering fees. The changes will also result in a reduction of the amount of levy payable for many breeders, with the base levy (Band A – €0 to €1,000) now reduced from €39 to €35, the Band B levy (€1,001 to €2,500) reduced from €77 to €50 and the fee for foals in the €2,501- €5,000 range reduced from €153 to €100.

The relevant Foal Levy bands and rates applicable for 2012 are set out below:-


Covering Fee

2012 Foal Levy

2011 Foal Levy

€153 &
€231 (up to €7,500)
€385 (up to €12,500)
€30,001 +
€385 &
€615 (over €33,500)
Pay Band F

Brian Kavanagh, HRI Chief Executive, said: – “These changes which have been introduced following extensive industry consultation will ensure that the Foal Levy is charged at an appropriate rate by reference to the stallion covering fees. Allied to these changes, a number of other administrative matters were also raised by breeders in terms of the practical operation of the Foal Levy Scheme and other changes will be implemented to address these matters. I would like to express my appreciation to the Foal Levy Committee, particularly the ITBA and IFA nominees, who have been of great assistance in bringing forward these changes to the Foal Levy Scheme.”

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